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Released in 2005, the Saville Consulting Wave suite of personality assessments has been described as the most significant advance in psychometric assessment in 30 years. The assessments combine the best psychological practices with advances in technology to give us a valid instrument that reflects the dynamic nature of work in the 21st Century. The Saville Consulting Wave measures, among other things:

  • Comfort with IT
  • Networking
  • Responsibility
  • Building rapport
  • Encouraging others

The strength of the Saville Consulting Wave lies in combining the most important factors that influence performance in a single assessment: personality, motivation, competency and culture. This innovation enables us to gather information that cannot be obtained through any other single psychometric assessment. Together with an innovative rating/ranking format, we are able to identify and analyse:

  • Talents-Motives splits: Aspects of work performance that might indicate an individual’s incentive to develop in a given area or areas where culture is have a detrimental impact on performance.
  • Competency Potential Profile: Highlights a person’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to problem solving, influencing people, adapting to change and delivering results.
  • Predicted Culture/Environment Fit: Aspects of culture, job and environment that may enhance or inhibitor job success.
  • Ipstative-Normative splits: Possible work-related areas where a candidate may have exaggerated their competencies or when they may have been overly self-critical.

Validity and Reliability

The Saville Consulting suite of assessments have some of the best validity and reliability data so far published. For example, in a 2008 co-validation study, Wave Professional Styles outperformed the OPQ32i™, NEO-PI-R™, Hogan Personality Inventory™ and 16PF5™ on both work competencies and overall global measures of performance. This means that Wave is one of the best predictors of future job relevant criterion such as rated competency, job proficiency, potential for success and achieving personal targets. For users, this higher validity enables:

  • better predictions of performance
  • a stronger return on investment
  • accurate identification and management of talent
  • highly targeted coaching
  • the development of a performance culture throughout an organisation


The strength of Saville Consulting Wave in predicting job performance lies in the development of its hierarchal competency framework. Its hierarchical structure makes it possible to analyse personality on numerous levels and gives you the flexibility to determine how closely you want to analyse workplace behaviours. For example, the Saville Consulting Wave not only allows you to analyse the candidate’s score on the 36 dimension of job behaviour but it also gives you the opportunity to explore all 108 facets of behaviour that contribute to the person’s score on the dimension. This makes it possible for you to make finer judgements about a candidate’s relative strengths and weaknesses. However, the Wave also allows you to analyse workplace potential under 12 main sections or the 4 major clusters. This offers you the flexibility to work at summary level by studying dimensions of clusters of workplace behaviours.


Randstad offers a range of qualifying and registration courses in the Saville Consulting suite of assessments and its online platform, the Oasys system. The courses enable users to apply the Saville Consulting tools on a self-sufficient basis and are designed to enhance administration skills, interpretation skills and user confidence. All courses are run by our team of registered organisational psychologists who have first-hand experience of using the Saville Consulting suite of assessments in addition to professional training skills.

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