randstad employer brand research.

For employers, having a strong employer brand creates a talent magnet, attracting the best and brightest talent to work for your organisation. Find out more about our research and how it can help you turn your employer brand into a talent magnet.

about the employer brand research.

Randstad's employer brand research is the world's most comprehensive, independent employer brand study, measuring the employer brands of the world's largest employers and gaining insight into the drivers and motivators of potential employees across 26 countries.

in New Zealand.

In New Zealand the Randstad Employer Brand Research measures the attractiveness of New Zealand's largest 150 employers by employee size. The brands are measured based on the feedback of over 4,000 Kiwis who participate in the study. Companies cannot opt-in or out of the research and survey respondents are working-age New Zealanders.

2017 Randstad Award winners.

This video showcases the annual Randstad Award event, recognising the most attractive employers in New Zealand identified by the Employer Brand Research.

benefits of a strong employer brand.

Not only does a strong employer brand provide you with a competitive advantage, ensuring top talent choose your organisation over others, it can also lead to up 10% lower payroll costs, 28% lower staff turnover and up to 46% lower talent attraction costs.

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employer brand vs. consumer brand.

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from interview to exit.

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