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great people, great opportunities

The most valuable brand in the industry attracts the best people. When working with us you are ensured of working with the industry’s best talent. Our employees consistently tell us that career development opportunities, professionalism of co-workers and our vision and values are unique in the world of recruitment.

"At Randstad we hire our people for a career and not only for a job." 
- Marielle de Macker, Managing Director, Group HR

world league program

For our functions, finance, HR, marketing and communications, legal and IT, we offer accelerated talent development programs. The program starts with a separate appraisal and individual career development plan that helps us identify high potential candidates in the early stages of their careers. We then support these individuals with personalized training and development programs that may include international cross-functional projects, job rotations, mentoring responsibilities and international training programs. 

international finance management program (IFMP)

The International Finance Management Program has been shaped to attract people like you: high potential talents who can co-drive and ensure the business and impact the results of the company. IFMP offers a solid and exciting platform for your career, both now and in the future, in an environment where entrepreneurship is both cherished and rewarded. You are instrumental in our companies’ future success! 

management trainee program

Randstad the Netherlands has a program of approximately 2.5 years that prepares you for senior level positions of the company. It is tailored to specific needs and combines a variety of career development methods such as coaching, training and project participation. Gaining experience in different commercial roles within the organization gives you a good understanding of the core business. After about 2 years you can expect to be in your first management position. 

Frits Goldschmeding Academy

One of Randstad's HR priorities is the development of employees and we are grateful to Frits Goldschmeding, our founder, for his continuous support in making this a reality. We strongly believe that careers within the organization should grow with a deep understanding of our business and our culture. The Frits Goldschmeding Academy supports our future leaders and enables them to develop the skills and strategic management capabilities to ensure their success within the global business context. 

Our tailor made programs:

senior executive program 

This dynamic and interactive program is organized around the four building blocks of the Randstad Group Strategy: strong concepts, best people, excellent execution and superior brands. The program concentrates on sharing knowledge, while focusing on the latest developments in the industry and relevant management skills. The Senior Executive Program provides the participating managers with a strong business foundation and enables them to act more effectively and efficiently in today’s business environment.  

presentation academy

This seminar is designed to provide participants with key tools and techniques to increase their competence and confidence as a speaker in live settings where outstanding communication is crucial to success. To produce rapid results, ensure long-term retention, and provide real-world application, the program balances theory, experience and practice. 

complete skilled negotiator

The participants will learn the practical skills needed to negotiate effectively in high pressure situations, using video analysis and interactive tools to determine the appropriate negotiating strategy, referring to real-life cases which can be drawn from the business sector. What makes the program unique is the spectrum of approaches to negotiation covered and the advice delivered on choosing the right approach and strategy for each individual business-to-business negotiation. 

intercultural management

The purpose of this program is to create awareness of the significant role that culture plays when working with people from different backgrounds and to give participants insight into both their own and other cultures and how this affects their behavior, reactions, assumptions and expectations. The program gives the participants an understanding of the impact of cultural differences on meetings, conflict resolution, motivators, teamwork and decision-making. It helps participants to develop new ways of thinking, acting and leading to build individual and organizational effectiveness in a multicultural setting.  

developing & coaching people

Designed to increase each participant’s competence and confidence as a practicing coach in order to drive superior business performance, by expanding a toolkit of tools and techniques used in effective coaching and to practice using these tools and receive feedback. 

finance for non-financials

The Finance for Non-Financials seminar is especially designed for non-financial managers who need an understanding of the financial principles which are being used at the Randstad Group, in order to control and steer the business better. Different perspectives are covered in this program: the external world, stock market analysts, top management from Randstad and the perspective of an operating company. 

high performing business partner in finance

This program is intended for Finance Professionals and Managers who have a major impact on our activity and development and are seen as a potential for next steps within Randstad. The overall objective of this seminar is to increase the capabilities of the Finance community to impact the business in a consistent way from different perspectives.

strategic management seminar

Aimed at Managing Directors and Management Team members, the intention is not to revisit the strategy formulation discussion but instead to focus on getting the chosen strategy implemented and getting it translated into local operations. Using a shared strategy framework will be helpful in managing the many local and global developments within Randstad.

sales leadership program

This program is intended for teams which have a sales leadership role. The program consists of a mix of commercial strategy, team building, commercial skill building and implementation power, ensuring the participants agree on and successfully deploy a commercial project which will be owned by the team to drive strategic sales activities and accelerate growth in their operating company.

inspirational leadership

The overall objective is to assist the participants in further developing their leadership style: the participants become aware of leadership areas which they need to focus on, improve their emotional intelligence, learn about effective dialogue to bring them to the next level on the leadership journey.