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Randstad: Careers with CERT NZ

The world of cyber security is fast-moving and complex.  CERT NZ joins other people and organisations – locally and internationally – who are already working in this space.  We connect and strengthen existing activities, in a way that only a national CERT can do.

We use our broad access to people, information and data to help New Zealand better understand and stay resilient to the threat landscape.

· We analyse the international landscape and report on threats.
· We analyse local data and report on vulnerabilities.
· We triage reported incidents and make referrals.
· We coordinate the interagency response to incidents.
· We raise awareness of cyber security impacts and best practice.


The establishment of a national CERT is a key element of New Zealand’s Cyber Security Strategy 2015 and will contribute to the delivery of the Strategy’s vision of ‘A secure, resilient and prosperous online New Zealand’.

CERT NZ is an organisation that receives cyber incident reports, tracks cyber security incidents or attacks, and provides advice and alerts to its customers on how to respond and prevent further attacks.  CERT NZ will also work closely with their international counterparts to prevent and respond to cyber security incidents, and address cybercrime.

Establishing a national CERT means New Zealand joins an international network of CERTs, improving our access to information on potential or real-time cyber-attacks.  It will help New Zealand play our part in a global effort to improve cyber security.  Ultimately, New Zealand will become a more trusted business and security partner.

CERT NZ’s primary goal is to improve cyber security in New Zealand, which means:
- increased comprehension of the threat landscape
- better avoidance of incidents
- reducing the impact of incidents

The Minister for Communications Amy Adams announced in May 2016 that she expects that CERT NZ will be in operation by the first quarter of 2017. CERT NZ has been established as a branded business unit within MBIE. The CERT NZ Establishment team have been working with government agency partners to put in place the key building blocks CERT NZ will need to be successful. The initial permanent staff will join the establishment team as part of a transition to business as usual operations.

This is an unique and exciting opportunity for experienced professionals to join a brand new team, giving you the opportunity to influence and build the role from the very start.   

Current Opportunities

Roles are currently Closed.  Please apply by using the buttons below. Should you wish to express your interest in future roles, we would invite you to apply by using the Express Your Interest links. Should new roles become available again in the future, we will notify those who have expressed an interest via email. 

Senior Incident Manager / Analyst

Are you a senior cyber security management specialist who wants to be on the front-line of creating a secure, resilient and prosperous NZ?


Incident Manager / Analyst

Are you a cyber security management specialist who wants to be on the front-line of creating a secure, resilient and prosperous NZ?


Systems & Security Specialist

This hands on role will see you establish, design and develop systems to support the future of New Zealand's Cyber Security.


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We have collated some additional information and downloads that you may find interesting if you're considering an opportunity with CERT NZ.
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 Operations Manager    
 Senior Incident Manager / Analyst    
 Incident Manager / Analyst    
 Systems and Security Specialist     

In Budget 2016, the Government allocated funding to set up a National CERT [CAB-16-MIN-0199]. The functions of the CERT are:

  • Incident response and triage 
    • take reports of cyber incidents from individuals and organisations, including private sector, public sector and SMEs;
    • analyse, triage and refer cyber incidents to the appropriate agency or organisation;
  • Situational awareness and information sharing
    • facilitate sector-based information sharing groups/discussion rooms with online automated information sharing;
    • undertake vulnerability and threat analysis capability;
    • receive and analyse range of data feeds;
  • Advice and outreach
    • provide web- and email-based advice and updates on active threats, prevention of active threats and vulnerabilities, and advice on mitigation of cyber incidents;
    • undertake domestic liaison;
    • formal reporting of trends and provision of data sets;
  • International collaboration
    • undertake international liaison with key partners and agencies (including other CERTs and stand-alones);
    • provide the contact point for international collaboration and de-confliction for cross-border cyber security threat and incidents for New Zealand;
    • hold membership of international organisations such as FIRST and APCERT, and attend CERT-related fora
  • Co-ordination of serious cyber incidents where necessary