Randstad: Careers with Customs

Customs Officers have a key ‘front line’ role in protecting and enhancing the interests of New Zealand by managing security and community risks associated with the flow of people, goods and craft into and out of New Zealand and by collecting customs and excise revenue. This position has a crucial role to play in detecting and preventing dangerous people and prohibited goods from crossing New Zealand's border; facilitate legitimate trade and travel; and collect revenue owing to the Crown.  

Assistant Customs Officers (Auckland)

Assistant Customs Officers are responsible for providing superior customer service by welcoming and administering the movement of people across New Zealand's border in a dynamic, fast paced environment.

Assistant Customs Officers are responsible for directing and processing people, answering queries and supporting the wider team to protect New Zealand and New Zealanders.

We're looking for people with good judgement and integrity who are committed to providing exceptional customer service within a team environment.

If your applying for a part time role, the shifts are as follows: 5am-9am OR 2pm-6pm - shifts are fixed (and you can only choose one). The schedule is 6 days on and then 3 days off. 


Customs Officers

Customs Officers complete a range of functions across our Operational areas with a focus on law enforcement and securing New Zealand’s borders.

Customs Officers identify risks, perform assurance and audits and use investigative skills to enable facilitation or intervention as required. 

Applicants of the Customs Officer process start as Trainee Customs Officers and are only sworn in as Customs Officers after successful completion of an intensive 9 week training programme. 

As a Trainee Customs Officer you’ll bring high levels of integrity, problem solving and discretion and will be able to communicate effectively with a wide range of people.

You’ll start your career at an entry level and grow your skills and experience. It takes time to grow your experience at NZ Customs to more senior or specialist roles, so this is a long term career for you and us.

In order to support the foundation for a long term career it is desirable that over time Customs Officers gain experience across the full range of Customs’ function. 

A deployment model has been established which enables Customs Officers to move between work areas. This is (within Auckland) in a planned, specified sequence, which will provide opportunities for you to work across a range of Auckland Customs sites and develop a wide range of skills. 

Customs Officers (fulltime) in Wellington and Christchurch will move between work areas on a regular basis enabling Customs to respond to demand for its services and giving you the opportunity to develop a wider range of skills. 

Customs Officer (fulltime) in Queenstown are required to become involved across the full range of Customs duties and often require flexibility on a day to day basis.

Customs Officers (Variable Hours) 
Customs Officers (Variable Hours) in Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Queenstown focus on the full range of Customs duties in the airport border environment. These roles are designed to provide operational coverage to match variable demand for services and respond to risk. 

In these roles, You will, therefore, need to have a flexible, adaptable approach and a willingness to learn new things.

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