development centre approach

Randstad's assessment centre offering can be used for more than just the initial hiring stages. Today's business leaders recognise more than ever that success depends on the ongoing development and productivity of their current workforce. Differences in people performance ultimately impact your bottom line, and the best way to gain a competitive advantage is to invest in a program which identifies, promotes, develops and ultimately retains the very best talent within your organisation. 

You can use our ongoing development centre services to assess the potential of current employees, gain an insight into their ability to perform in different roles and ultimately guide the career paths of your future business leaders.

We provide objective feedback on an individual's strengths, weaknesses and future potential. The results will provide your people with meaningful career guidance and a personal development plan to assist with future success. Whether you are trying to enhance the development of a specific person or accelerate the development of a group of high potentials, we will work with you to pinpoint your business needs, using our in-house expertise and know-how to deliver a solution that gives your business the competitive edge.

Our ultimate goal is to help you provide every person within your organisation with an enjoyable and positive career experience that promotes further growth and development, while always building and enhancing your employer brand.