our methodology

We know that the best way to predict future job performance is to simulate the actual work environment. Our assessment centres are the most effective tools available for assessing talent in both individual and group based work environments.

We provide a complete range of assessment centre design and delivery services from role analysis, competency matrix design through to assessor training, exercise design and psychometric testing. No matter what service solution you choose, our assessment centres are designed to evaluate core competencies across eight critical success areas that will help you hire and retain the right people. These factors deliver a total approach to the identification, recruitment, development and retention of your talent.

our critical success factors

  1. Technical competency. This evaluates an individuals competence in the required technical aspects of a position.
  2. Soft skills. This evaluates an individual's ability to build rapport with other people including team members, internal and external stakeholders.
  3. Values & Motives This evaluates an individual's work ethic and personal motivators within a business environment.
  4. Cultural fit This matches an individual's attitude and value system with your company culture and value system. 
  5. Future potential This evaluates career potential, as well as highlighting both areas of strength and areas which will require future development. 
  6. Personality This evaluate a potential candidates personality attributes and how likely they are to fit in with existing team dynamics and management/ leadership. 
  7. Cognitive abilities This evaluates an individual's aptitude for learning and their ability to apply new and abstract information. We also assess comprehension skills and spatial awareness.
  8. Reliability & character This evaluates reliability and character through reference checks and reports from people who have previously worked alongside the individual.