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With the increased need for corporate governance and compliance requests, the demands on banking and financial professionals have continued to rise. Randstad's recruitment specialists are 100% dedicated to this sector, know the marketplace and the best people available, so by partnering with us, we can connect you with talent that will help strengthen your business performance. 

The banking and finance sector is the first largest sector in New Zealand's economy - so it's no surprise that not only is this a career destination of choice for many professionals, but is also an industry sector that is highly regarded for the sought-after business professionals it cultivates as well. 

At Randstad, we have over 25 years experience working with clients ranging from small businesses to multi-tier global banks within the local Kiwi banking & finance sector. Our depth of experience and our reputation for excellence means that we enjoy unprecedented access to a large and active network of highly skilled and qualified candidates - and in turn, you, as our client, can select from the most qualified candidates available.

Our dedicated specialist teams recruit across all levels of experience from junior to executive appointments, as well as candidates in multiple disciplines including fund managers, banking professionals, superannuation, operations, risk, insurance, investment and corporate banking, lending - and many more. 

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