timesheets & payroll

Employees will get paid weekly. All timesheets should be 100% completed and submitted to us no later than 7pm Sundays. Incomplete timesheets will not be paid on time.

Employee timesheets will be processed so that pay is available in their bank account the following Thursday in New Zealand. 

Timesheets must be completed correctly and signed by the employee and their supervisor prior to their pay being processed. Overtime needs to be approved by the supervisor prior to it being worked. It's also a good idea for employees to carry a blank timesheet with them, and always keep a copy of approved timesheets just incase its not received by our payroll team. Blank timesheets can be downloaded here.

Once an employee has completed their weekly timesheet, it should be faxed to our Fax Gateway:

New Zealand: 09 379 7785 (please fax by 6pm Friday) 

Please note, if a public holiday falls on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday pay may be delayed.

payroll enquiries

All enquiries should be directed to our Customer Service Hotline:


1300 363 377
(9am - 5pm Sydney time, Monday to Friday)