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At Randstad, we understand that managing the people who work for your organisation every day is integral to ongoing growth and success. If your goal is to keep your employees satisfied, happy, and productive, you need policy, research & evaluation professionals at the helm who truly understand the challenges and issues affecting the people who make up your organisation. Thankfully, it's our business to know your needs. Our specialist Policy, Research & Evaluation consulting division not only takes the time to know your organisation inside and out, but also our prospective candidates, meaning that we can match you with the right Policy, Research & Evaluation talent.


At Randstad, two significant parts of our core strategy are to know the jobs markets and to serve our clients. That is to say, we believe that building a strong relationship with you is utterly important. When we understand your needs, and your aspirations, it helps us find you the best talent in Policy, Research & Evaluation that will help your teams and organisations across New Zealand. 

Our knowledge of the candidates marketplace and our long-standing relationships across the Public sector mean that we can tailor your search to exactly the person you're looking for. Because we take the time to understand what talent and skills you're looking for, we can find a candidate that will help your organisation and your team grow and excel.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you find the candidate that's the right fit for your organisation.

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