working with Randstad Education

stay in touch

Contact your Randstad Education office on 0800 800 204 each week by Thursday and let your consultant know your availability for the following week. You can also phone after 7.15am on each day you are available for work. If you have contacted the office the previous afternoon, then there’s no need to ring the following morning.

if you’re sick or unable to work

Don’t worry if you’re sick or can’t make the assignment. Just call in as soon as possible so we can make other arrangements. Our offices have a 24-hour message service so no matter what time it is, you can leave us a message.

if you’re lost or running late

The last thing we want you to do is get stressed because you can’t find the centre or school you are going to be working at. Without the correct address, getting lost is possible. So before you find yourself running around in circles, just give us a call and we can help you out. Plus, we’ll let your supervisor know that you’re on your way. Easy!

saying no

If you don’t feel 100% sure about accepting an assignment, it’s okay to say no. We’ll understand. It’s important that you feel that the role and match is right for you.

getting paid

Timesheets must be correctly completed, and signed by yourself and your supervisor prior to your pay being processed. Please note, overtime needs to be approved by your supervisor prior to it being worked. It’s also a good idea to always carry a blank timesheet with you while on assignment and always keep a copy of your approved timesheets just in case it’s not received by our payroll team. Blank timesheets can be downloaded from our website.

Your timesheet is your responsibility

To ensure prompt payment, Randstad Education must receive your approved timesheet on completion of your weeks work. Please fax your timesheet to the relevant number below.

New Zealand F: 1800 103 651

Your timesheet will be processed and your pay available in your bank account the following Wednesday if in New Zealand, and Thursday if in Australia. You will be issued with your own login and password details so you can retrieve your payslip via the Employee Self Serve section on the Randstad website. Your payslip can also be delivered straight to your personal email if you prefer.

For all queries concerning your pay, taxation, superannuation, group certificates or statement of earnings, please contact our Customer Service Payroll Hotline on:

Australia T: 1300 363 377