10 tips to nail that promotion in 2017

10 tips to nail that promotion in 2017
Are ready for a promotion but aren’t quite sure how to achieve it? Stop thinking about it and start taking action. This year is your year - it’s time to make your career a priority and reach that promotion. To help you achieve that promotion in 2017 follow these 10 tips to career success:  

1. do the job you want, not the job you have
Working in your current job without any changes will not help you stand out to management. Show your bosses you are ready for new responsibilities and a higher level of work by taking on the jobs you would do if you achieved that promotion. This is a great way to show your dedication to the company as a whole and realise your ability in taking that next step forward. 

2. have a solution-oriented approach to your work
Be the person with the solutions not the problems. Employers do not want to promote someone who is always finding problems and is unable to find solutions. Stand out from the crowd by bringing well-thought out resolutions to the table and show that you can take the lead in difficult situations. 

3. be sure there's room for you to grow
If achieving that promotion this year is crucial to your career progression but your current company does not have the capacity to make it happen, you might want to consider looking elsewhere. By finding a new role you might have the chance to start at the level you are seeking straight away and take on new challenges. 

4. be clear with your supervisor
Don’t be afraid to talk about your promotion with your superiors, tell your manager or supervisor about your goals and see if they can help you achieve them. They might also be able to identify realistic prospects for your future at the company and help to nurture your progress. 

5. be social
Getting a promotion isn’t just about you. Great managers are also great team players, so make sure you develop great relationships with your colleagues, supervisors and other departments. Being popular will help you achieve that promotion and excel in your new role as a leader amongst your peers. 

6. but not too social
While it is important to be liked and respected, it’s never OK to be the centre of office drama. Be sure to skip the gossip chats and bring your positive mental attitude to work conversations if you want to be considered for that promotion. 

7. get a mentor
One of the best ways to grow in your career is to seek advice from someone who has successfully taken the career path you desire. Learn more about their experiences in the field and how they managed to succeed and try to learn from their mistakes, too. 

8. improve your weaknesses
Before you ask for that promotion make sure you really are the best person for it by addressing your weaknesses. Look at your last performance review and prove that you are making improvements - this is also a great way to pitch yourself in an interview and to demonstrate how you have taken steps to improve your performance. 

9. organize your thoughts
Really think about what it is that you want. Why do you want to be promoted and why should you be promoted? Think of key moments throughout your career so far that have put you in great stead for a promotion and really delve into your qualities to explain exactly what you can bring to the table. It’s important to be really clear on your selling points.

10. ask for it
Once you have prepared yourself to actually take that promotion the final thing you need to do is actually ask for it. Express why you want the job and what you will do after you get it, what your intentions are for the company and why you would be a good fit. You have the material, now it’s time to go for it!

Make this year your year and use these 10 tips to nail that promotion - good luck!

Posted: Wednesday, 5 April 2017 - 8:58 AM