a video guide to preparing for an interview

a video guide to preparing for an interview
At Randstad, we understand that every interview can be very different, but we do know that all of them require a considered approach and great preparation. 

It can seem a little daunting at first, but by preparing for your interview well in advance you will remove a lot of the pressure an interview conjures up. Preparation will not only allow you to feel less stressed about the interview itself, but will also give you a boost of confidence on the day knowing that you have done all of the groundwork and can be your best self.   

Let’s set the scene. You’ve just been invited for an interview, first of all, don’t panic. Just watch this video guide on how to best prepare for the interview and excel:

how to prepare for an interview


key points to remember:

  • First things first, read through the job description in detail and start to align your skills with the expected skills. 
  • Practice and prepare for some common interview questions and how you might answer them. Most questions will usually fall into three categories: hypothetical, stress and behavioural. 
  • Practice answering questions out loud, not just writing them down, so you get a chance to rehearse your non-verbal cues and actions. 
  • Research the company and your potential interviewers (if you know who they will be) in advance. It’s easy to do by browsing their social media channels, particularly LinkedIn. 
  • Brainstorm some questions to ask the employer at the end of the interview, it’s a great way to show your enthusiasm for the role and knowledge of the industry. 

This article first appeared on Randstad UK’s career hub.
Posted: Friday, 28 April 2017 - 11:00 AM