how to get noticed by a recruitment agency

how to get noticed by a recruitment agency
It can be tough to get recognised when you start looking for jobs. However, it's important to know job agencies can miss your application for a number of reasons that are entirely within your control. 

As recruitment specialists, we look for high-quality candidates with the right experience, intentions and knowledge. It can be easy to lose track of your goals during your search and start to submit generic applications and bulk submissions just to land a job.

We understand that job seeking is stressful, time consuming and even frustrating at times, which is where we come in. Use these tried and tested techniques to stand out from the crowd, and find the perfect role: 

1. have direction

At Randstad we prioritise the needs of our candidates by ensuring we have expert recruiters working on each sector. We have specialists working across education, IT, construction, accounting, banking & finance and business support. So the question is, where do you see yourself? Do you have the right experience to go into your preferred sector straight away? Or are you looking for a career change?

You can really help recruiters out by determining what you really want to do, and going for it. Even if you don’t have the right experience, qualifications and knowledge, if you have the right attitude and determination we can help guide you. It’s also important to be realistic; if you don’t have the right experience then we will probably suggest you undertake some training before we can help you. Every application you make should be concise and always have this overall goal in mind.  

2. learn about the job market 

While we can give you tailored advice about your job situation and prospects, it saves you a lot of time if you do a little bit of research about the current market in advance of meeting with us. This gives you an edge on other candidates looking for work, and shows that you have already thought about managing expectations for your search. It might also be a good idea to learn more about the potential employers in your field – how well are they doing and who was their latest hire? It shows that you care about the industry you want to work in and have done your research.

3. refine your CV

We’re sorry to keep repeating ourselves, but a generic CV simply won’t do. Make sure you tailor, edit and check your CV for every job application you make. Every company is different and a generic CV submission from our point of view shows very little effort or attention-to-detail in your application process. Find out more about how to customise your CV here

4. do a social media health-check

Before you submit to us make sure your social media accounts (that are public) are up-to-date and do not include any offensive or inappropriate imagery, read more about how to build your social media brand. LinkedIn is a very important social platform for recruitment agencies, and is a chance to really showcase all of your experience. Make sure your online CV is up-to-date on this platform and that your profile shows you are looking for work, if your current employer is OK with that… 

To discuss your opportunities and career goals contact one of our experienced recruitment consultants today. 
Posted: Monday, 1 May 2017 - 9:30 AM