how to manage holidays and work relationships

how to manage holidays and work relationships
Taking holidays are a vital part of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, but they can also seem like a stressful time. Work can build up just before and colleagues often find it difficult to manage without you. 

But don’t let this stop you. It’s time to get organised and manage your time off… Here’s how:

plan and prepare

The first thing to consider when booking your holiday is when to go. As part of a team, it’s a good idea to be considerate about when you take your time off to reduce impact on the business and to help out your fellow colleagues, after all they are the ones who will have to pick up the slack when you are away.

Once you have set an appropriate date, make it clear to all of your colleagues and superiors when you are leaving and even put it in their diaries to remind them. Be sure to mention it when relevant, and keep reminding your superiors and colleagues about your vacation to avoid any last minute panic or worry.

Finally, make sure you brief your colleagues or produce a detailed handover about your workload for the time you are away. It should answer as many questions as possible about your role and provide contacts that can help if they do need more answers.

establish boundaries

With access to the internet wherever you go, if you are senior member of staff it is unlikely that you will be able to check out of work 100% during your holiday. It may be hard to completely switch off, but you just try to. After all, you deserve a break and have prepared enough in advance to ensure you should not need to check emails while you are away.

If you have to check-in with work, make sure you do this on your terms and let colleagues and your boss know when you will available to talk or when you will be checking emails. This shows that you have the balance right but are still committed to the business. 

back in the office

It’s always a hard transition to come back into the office after a week or two in the sun. The holiday blues kick in, and it can be a little stressful getting to grips with everything that has happened during your time off. Try to stay calm and spend the first few days just catching up, rather than throwing yourself back into work straight away. 

It can also be a good idea to take some time out of the office on your first few days back with colleagues and go for a coffee to catch up – this takes the pressure off being back at your desk and is a good way to ease yourself into work mode.
Posted: Monday, 8 May 2017 - 10:00 AM