top transferable skills & how to develop them

top transferable skills & how to develop them
Regardless of your industry there are three skills you need to develop to stand out as a top candidate. But what’s most interesting about these skills, is that they can be the most difficult to find in an employee and yet the most simple. 

Take action and stand out amongst other candidates by developing these top three transferable skills:

communication skills
It goes without saying, but communication skills are some of your most necessary and easily transferable skills. You need them in every industry. Communication skills can be anything from public speaking to writing a great blog, or even how you communicate on a daily basis with colleagues. It all matters when it comes to being successful in the workplace. What’s more, communication skills are crucial when it comes to working your way up and becoming a manager. 

Develop your skills: Try improving your skills by taking a language course, offering to lead a presentation or challenging yourself with writing concise emails.

research / analytical skills
Being able to decipher what is useful information and what is unnecessary information within your field is a key skill for the modern era of big data and analytics. Today, we are able to source huge amounts of data on almost everything – but if you can work out what is relevant and process that data effectively then you have an invaluable and transferable skill. Like communication, it’s a skill that can be learned and improved upon. 

Develop your skills: Try taking a course in analytics to brush up on your skills or find out what it all means from the experts.

organisational skills
Organisation is a vital yet assumed skill among many candidates. Many people find it difficult to multi-task, and yet it is usually a prerequisite of every job. In fact, the higher you get the more juggling you need to be able to do. It’s also critical that you can be trusted to manage a number of tasks and events at the same time to achieve the best outcome. 

Develop your skills: Test your organisational skills by taking on more tasks and responsibilities at work, or even by managing new projects outside of work. 

If you start to really develop and hone these crucial skills you will be asset to any workplace and increase your chances of moving up the ladder. Try and use creativity when it comes to refining these skills – after all they are so transferable that they can even be useful in your everyday life.

Whichever career path you choose, make sure you can communicate effectively and confidently, research, analyse and interpret data and be organised. 
Posted: Wednesday, 10 May 2017 - 9:00 AM