our OHS improvement plan

When you work for Randstad or on any of our client's sites, our ambition is to create the foundation of a safety culture so that you can always feel confident in your workplace well being. We foster open and collaborative partnerships with our clients, and encourage a strong internal process of continuous improvement and knowledge development. We are focused on working together with our clients and employees to promote an environment of safety best practice.

key components of our OHS improvement plan:

  • Client feedback – our specialist recruitment consultants are in constant contact with our clients to provide ongoing consultation, feedback and reporting in relation to the safety of our temporary workforce. We offer comprehensive reporting systems to support our service delivery with the key focus of ensuring your workplace is as safe as reasonably practicable.
  • OH&S & injury management surveys – as part of our commitment to building a strong internal and external safety culture, we conduct regular OH&S & injury management surveys. With a focus on collecting feedback, these surveys assist with identifying areas for ongoing improvement. 
  • Safety consultation groups – we are committed to open and transparent communication of health and safety issues and have created expert safety consultation groups as a formal process for the dissemination of data and to discuss all matters relevant to employee safety, health, welfare and injury management by developing a mutually co-operative consultative environment across the organisation. 
  • Quarterly senior management reviews – we have a vested commitment in setting industry best practice OH&S and injury management standards. On a quarterly basis all relevant members of our senior management team come together to assess OHS improvement and performance against our strategic plan, review corrective action measures and discuss plans for ongoing continuous improvement.