Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter

As part of our ongoing commitment to the safety and well-being of our candidates and their careers, we have recently signed the Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter.

By signing this health and safety agreement, we have joined several government organisations and companies leading the rebuild in our promise to maintain and enhance current safety measures in place for those workers involved with the rebuild. ...learn more> 

The vision:

By demonstrating leadership and working together, we will rebuild Canterbury safely and create a legacy to be proud of. The earthquakes reminded us that the most important thing is people. The Canterbury Rebuild Safety Charter puts people first. It is our commitment to do all we can to ensure the rebuild is safe.

What this means for Randstad candidates:

By signing up, we have agreed to implement the Charter’s actions. We will make every effort to support the Charter’s vision and aspirational commitments.We have now made a public commitment to the safety and management of our worker’s and will hold ourselves accountable as such. We are proud to support this vision and encourage all of our candidates to educate themselves on the charter’s mission, 10 aspirational commitments and detailed actions. It is everybody’s responsibility to rebuild Canterbury as safely as possible. We will do our part to the highest of our abilities and expect that our business partners and candidates will do the same.