When did you move to Christchurch, and why did you make the move?
I moved to Christchurch in May 2012. I was looking for a career, and knew that there were more job opportunities in Christchurch for both myself and partner in comparison to Kaikoura where I was based. There is only one place for Christchurch to go and that is upwards. It's such a great feeling to know you are making a difference to somewhere, and being a part of a rebuild in a up and coming city. 

What was your perception of Christchurch when you decided to make the move?
I was fully aware of the earthquakes and accommodation shortage, but was determined to make a go of things as we didn’t want to move to Wellington or Auckland. We were lucky to get a house straight away, and just put up with the aftershocks, which have died down quite a bit (touch wood!). We have also made more friends and extended our networks.

Professionally did it make a big difference, or in terms of your career, what difference has the move made for you?
Yes, the move has definitely made a difference. I now have a career ladder ahead of me as a direct result of the move. I have discovered a new career path, in an up and coming city which is currently a land of opportunity. 

Personally what was the biggest change for you/your family?
The biggest change was lifestyle and having more selection and opportunity. 

Describe us your life in Christchurch and what particularly changed in comparison with the city you were living in before?
My partner and I eat out more often. We have a variety of supermarkets to choose from. We have made more friends. We have more days out at the weekends. We are also much happier now and have a lovely house. 

If you had to describe Christchurch in 5 words, what would they be?
Up and coming, exciting, beautiful and full of character