When did you move to Christchurch, and why did you make the move?
I arrived in by myself in Christchurch early September 2012, and made the move as I knew it was a unique opportunity and would provide me with valuable job experience.

What was your perception of Christchurch when you decided to make the move?
Prior to moving to Christchurch I was completely unaware of the kind of environment I was moving into. I knew that the city had seen its fair share of disaster, but I really wasn’t sure how well the city had recovered. Upon arriving  I was pleasantly surprised at the extent of the rebuild and normal the city functions. It’s relatively easy to commute across the city, there are shopping centres dotted around the suburbs, and accommodation was unexpectedly easy to find. Adding to that, the outdoor scene is simply superb with a number of mountain bike parks, more than a dozen ski fields, and a handful of golf courses all within a stones throw of the city.

Professionally did it make a big difference, or in terms of your career, what difference has the move made for you?
I work in the property industry and now know that there is no shortage of opportunity here in Christchurch. I’m no longer just a witness to the substantial effects of the earthquake, but now a participant in its vital rebuild. It’s satisfying to assist organisations out of damaged buildings and into brand new tailor designed premises that they can be sure will withstand anything. 

Personally what was the biggest change for you?
One of the biggest changes from my hometown of Auckland is affordability. Prior to the move people were sure to warn me about the lack and high cost of accommodation. Within a day of searching I’d found a place at about two thirds of the cost of a similar place in Auckland, and as everything I need is within such a close proximity my weekly gas bill has nearly halved.!

Describe us your life in Christchurch and what particularly changed in comparison with the city you were living in before?
I’m living in Sydenham which is on the southern outskirts of the central city. It’s a 15 minute traffic-less drive to work, a 5 minute walk to the gym and supermarket, a 10 minute ride and run to the Port Hills, and under 2 hours drive to Mt Hutt. A huge portion of the people I’ve met are into outdoor activities and there is no shortage of weekend destinations should one want to explore the South Island. 

If you had to describe Christchurch in 5 words, what would you say?
Outdoor city with career opportunities.