how to get the most out of your recruitment strategy

how to get the most out of your recruitment strategy
It’s just one week until the Randstad Employer Brand Research is revealed, and to get excited for the event we thought we’d tackle recruitment strategy and how to maximize your recruitment potential. 

The best way to create a positive employer brand is to really refine your candidate experience. The candidate experience should be a core part of your recruitment strategy plan. 

Employers who are trying to create a positive employer brand and candidate journey are starting to integrate this process into their recruitment strategy by creating authentic experiences for the candidate at every touchpoint. 

Not only this, but employers are finding that potential employees value transparency and honesty, and want to know what to expect from your organisation. You have to have a plan in place from the first time your candidate experiences your business to their experience with you throughout their employment. 

Your recruitment strategy is not only your tool to getting the best talent, but it’s also about retaining the best talent and how your brand is perceived by potential employers. All of these aspects are crucial in maintaining a strong employer brand and keeping the right talent in the long term. 

Here’s how to really get the best out of your recruitment strategy:

1. speed up your hiring process
Does your recruitment process take too long? Perhaps it involves too many people or includes too many additional steps. Whatever the issue, we know that companies usually spend too long on hiring employees. 

A long process becomes a waiting game for the candidate, and can, in fact, have a detrimental effect on your business. Candidates who have to wait months to find out if they have secured the role or not will inevitably start to look elsewhere for work. 

2. be honest
It may seem a little counterintuitive, but it’s actually more beneficial for you and the candidate if you are honest. The candidate may not be the right fit for a particular role, but it’s still worth being honest and maintaining a good relationship with them.
Your goal is to ensure that successful and unsuccessful candidates have a great experience with your company and a complete journey. If they feel you have been dishonest - it isn’t a great look for your business as a whole. Disgruntled candidates will post and share their experience with their friends and potential employees, which can damage your employer brand. 

Think about crafting long-lasting relationships with candidates based on honesty to create a positive and long-lasting employer brand at the same time.

3. keep in touch

It’s important that you use every step in the candidate process to reach out to the candidate and keep them informed. From the screening process to the final interview, the most important thing is that you set expectations and contact cycles with the candidate. They will respond much better to your calls and offer if you keep in contact with them throughout the process and always let them know what’s going on. 

4. refer a friend
Calling on your current employees to help source great talent is a great recruitment strategy. It means the whole team is invested in finding a great person, and whoever referred them also gets a reward (usually a voucher or cash) for referring them. 

Try to turn the process into a healthy competition for staff – who can get the most and the best candidates!

5. find out what works
It’s never a good idea to just establish a recruitment strategy, run with it and then leave it. It should always be a work-in-progress and the best way to find out what’s working and what isn’t is to ask the candidates you have processed. 

Don’t just ask those who work for you – but ask unsuccessful candidates, successful candidates and recently employed candidates for their view. 

Take the data and use it to improve on your current strategy. What areas need improving and what works? By continually improving your strategy you will always be adapting to the changing needs of the candidate and keeping your strategy fresh and inviting. 

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Posted: Thursday, 27 April 2017 - 9:00 AM