internal HR and recruiters – the dream team

internal HR and recruiters – the dream team
Do you work in a human resources department? If so, you are probably already aware of the debate between whether or not you should recruit for jobs internally or enlist the help of a recruitment company. It’s an age-old debate, and there are pros and cons on each side. 

However, have you ever heard the argument about working together? Here’s how you can create a dream team by combining your internal HR department with a recruitment agency to really maximise your recruitment strategy and get the best talent for the job:

getting back time in HR

Recruiters only have to focus on recruitment, freeing up more time for HR staff to work on other pressing issues. Recruiters will take on the more time-consuming tasks such as sourcing, reviewing CVs and even running the first round of interviews to screen candidates. Your HR team can then come back into the process at the shortlist stage and play a crucial role in making the final decision and the final hire, without having to do all of the legwork.

access an extended network 

Internal HR teams usually only source and research candidates when they need them, whereas by connecting with a recruitment agency you will have access to a larger pool of available candidates and candidates with varying skills all year round. This means that when a new role comes up that you haven’t recruited for in years a recruitment agency will be able to shortlist candidates for you quickly and efficiently using their wider network. Recruiters screen and meet thousands of applicants, and usually keep great candidates on their database ready for moments like this.

recruiters can mediate 

As the stepping stone between your company and the new candidate, recruiters are able to negotiate salaries, benefits etc. on your behalf and make sure that you are happy with the final results. Recruitment agencies are also aware of benchmark salaries in particular industries and can tell you what a candidate with a certain level of skill and experience should be receiving. Recruiters are also on the pulse when it comes to talent trends, and can let you know how to adjust your salary pitch depending on how many candidates are available in that area. 

recruiters put hiring first

HR teams usually have a number of responsibilities to deal with in-house, and, depending on the size of the team, this can often get in the way of recruitment. Jobs such as payroll, benefits and admin for existing employees are often more important and so recruitment never becomes the number one priority. Recruiters on the other hand can ensure roles are filled in a timely manner, and even to a deadline. They can do all of the legwork and ensure that recruitment is first on the agenda. 

filling hard-to-fill jobs

Internal HR teams often find that they are expected to fill a number of roles across a number of departments and disciplines, without the time required to learn more about those skills and needs. Recruiters, however, specialise in certain fields to ensure they have a good grip on the market and how to find the ideal candidate for that role. This means that recruiters will be able to source highly-qualified candidates more quickly and easily that HR teams will be able to.

This article first appeared in Randstad Canada's workforce 360 / trends 
Posted: Tuesday, 9 May 2017 - 9:00 AM