why human touch and tech make the perfect recruitment marriage

why human touch and tech make the perfect recruitment marriage
Technology has transformed the way we recruit. The use of automated recruitment tools has increased exponentially, allowing hiring managers and recruiters to process large amounts of candidate data at the click of a button. 

We know that incorporating automation into your recruitment strategy is not just a growing trend: it’s a means of survival. In order for your business to thrive in today’s economic landscape, you need to be able to cast a wide net when it comes to recruitment. 

There is no question that SaaS tools, such as Bullhorn and Jobscience, are invaluable ways of approaching recruitment methodology. They enable companies to assimilate automation into their recruitment strategy by helping to analyse applications and reducing the workload of HR and hiring managers. 

This process can benefit small and large companies, as the manpower required to parse through such an enormous amount of information usually far exceeds the capacity of most companies.

the role of automated recruitment tools
When choosing to introduce new automated recruitment tools, hiring managers need to consider a few factors:

which automation tools best suit your recruitment needs? 
For example, project management software, such as Trello, is often been repurposed to manage recruitment processes, particularly within tech start-ups. Automated reference check tools, such as Checkster, are also increasingly popular, along with SkillSurvey. Before you choose a tool, take time consider the impact of its implementation into your environment, and ensure that it is appropriate for your particular use case.  

what is the recruiting automation capability of a recruitment agency? 
When considering working with external recruitment partners, it pays to understand what tools they utilise, and their recruitment sourcing and processing strategy. Be sure to align yourself with those who are using best of breed. 

the role of human touch
As we continue to immerse ourselves in transformative technologies, is it time to stop and think about how to balance human-touch with high-tech to maximise our recruitment strategy?

Many recruitment strategies have morphed from a high-touch into a high-tech experience. In fact, many recruiters and HR managers are finding the need to establish a delicate marriage between tech and touch. 

For example, tools such as Brazen, an online chat career fair, enables hiring managers and recruiters to connect high-technology with human touch and maintain connectedness as part of the recruitment strategy.

This need highlights the idea that automation can sometimes miss the nuances of recruitment, but does help to remove human bias. In short, automation sorts the data – but humans translate the data and connect with talent on a human level.  

Of course, like any marriage, there has to be balance. 

A great example of man vs. machine happened at Sourcecon Spring 2017, when Jim Stroud and Jason Roberts presented “Human vs. Machine”. It was a candid yet profound “Grandmaster Challenge” that pitted humans against machines to reveal who is best at finding the perfect candidates. 

Both humans and machines had to download and search over 5,000 CVs to find the right CVs for people who were hired, sourced and interviewed by an undisclosed company. 

The results were revealing. Humans spent 4-25 hours sourcing, whereas the machine took just 3.2 seconds. However, humans still won. In fact humans placed first and second, and beat the machine in finding the successful CVs.

Bu there was a marriage. Jim and Jason found that humans still needed to whittle down the initial number of CVs, much like the computer, to reach a manageable size – and this took most of their time, while the machine did the same job but significantly faster. 

Once they had the “shortlist”, humans were able to do the rest using their gut – something that a machine just could not do effectively. 

It’s true that machines are undoubtedly the best and most efficient recruitment sourcers we have – but when it comes to finding the perfect candidate there is no replacing the human touch.

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Posted: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 - 2:00 PM