why you need a customer-centric user experience

why you need a customer-centric user experience
It's becoming evident that every company needs to know how to manage the customer experience effectively. Customers today choose exactly how they want to interact with your company and expect instant results every time, but why is it so important?  

The first thing to about customer experience, is that it now goes hand-in-hand with the user experience (or digital experience). So, to make this experience resonate better with customers, more and more New Zealand organizations are embracing CX (customer experience) and creating CX units to manage the process. 

With the upcoming Randstad Employer Brand Research, which is released on 4 May, there is no better time to look at the digital experiences of brands.  The resulting Employer Brand Research will provide a detailed report about the brand perception of New Zealand’s top 150 companies, and digital transformation of brands is going to be an important theme. 

We already know how New Zealanders feel about their customer experiences. SAP New Zealand, a digital software and solutions company, has captured results from 2,500 consumers who rated over 6,500 digital interactions against 14 digital-experience attributes, the report found over a third were unsatisfied with the digital experiences delivered. 

The research (download the report here) also showed a strong correlation between the digital experience and business outcomes, including customer loyalty, Net Promoter Score, and consumers’ willingness to share private information. While poor digital experiences were closely tied to loss of customer loyalty, advocacy and insights.

“Empathy” is a word that has been floating around in the UX (user experience) scene for some time. The SAP research shows that to improve digital experience scores, top performing brands offer services that establish a deeper emotional connection with customers. Their success lies in their ability to empathize with the end user and their journey or potential struggles.
Some additional stats from the report highlight why it’s worth investing in your digital presence and how important the perception of your digital experience is for your business. The report found that New Zealanders who are delighted with their digital experience are over four and a half times more likely to remain loyal to a brand than those who are unsatisfied.

The report also revealed which attributes were most important when receiving a “delightful” digital experience. “Is safe and secure” ranked the highest and most important factor to respondents, followed by “available any time on my terms” and “cohesive, integrated and simple”.

It’s clear that customers want to be able to connect anywhere and with any device and navigate through a consistent user experience in a simple and easy way, while knowing their data and information is safe and secure. 

Working together with your customer experience team and a skilled and practiced digital team you can really create an experience to delight, engage, attract and retain customers.

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Posted: Wednesday, 26 April 2017 - 9:30 AM