winning employer brands in 25 countries named in Randstad Award 2016

winning employer brands in 25 countries named in Randstad Award 2016
The brands people would most like to work for in 25 countries globally were revealed today with the announcement of the winners of the Global Randstad Award 2016. Country winners ranged from Google, IKEA, and BMW to Hewlett Packard, Suntory and IBM.

The Randstad Award is the world’s biggest employer branding survey, polling over 200,000 respondents in 25 countries that cover 75% of the global economy. It asks respondents to rate the attractiveness of their country’s largest employers.


As in the previous two years, IT is the most popular sector with survey respondents globally. The second most popular sector is Consulting, with Life Sciences in third place. 


But large brands globally should beware an emerging employer/employee disconnect: while global survey respondents cited salary & benefits, long-term job security, and a pleasant working atmosphere as their top priorities, these were qualities that far fewer associated with working for a large company.​

Randstad CEO, Jacques van den Broek, comments: “The purpose of our annual employer branding research is to identify the companies around the world that have the most attractive brands in the eyes of potential job seekers, along with the sectors people want to work in. The winners of the Randstad Award clearly have robust and effective branding that is striking the right chord with people in their respective countries. In terms of sectors, IT remains the standout winner, ranking the most popular sector for the third year in a row. But if there’s one area where brands overall could improve, it’s focusing more on the qualities that people look for most in a prospective employer.”


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Posted: Tuesday, 22 April 2014 - 3:55 PM