Employment prospects for young people (18-30) will increase in the next five years according to 74% of Kiwi workers.

Young workforce faces positive future
Employment prospects for young people (18-30) will increase in the next five years according to 74% of Kiwi workers.

New research from Randstad, reveals that Kiwis are positive about employment prospects for young people, but less so for the over 55s.

74% of Kiwis surveyed for the Randstad Workmonitor & Mobility Index, a quarterly jobseeker confidence measure, believe that employment prospects for young people (18-30) years will increase in the next five years. This sentiment is above the global average of 69% and in line with Australia at 72%. However, only 42% believe prospects will increase for older workers (over 55), in the same timeframe. This is below the global average of 44% and Australia on 47%.

In addition, only 34% of Kiwis stated that their employer had active policies in place to attract and retain people aged 55 and over, and only 45% agreed that retaining older workers is crucial for their company’s success.

These findings provide some interesting insights into New Zealand’s workplace and indicates that businesses are potentially missing an opportunity to tap into New Zealand’s most experienced talent pool.
Randstad’s New Zealand Country Manager, Brien Keegan strongly believes there is a competitive advantage for businesses who engage the older workforce, who represent a significant and growing demographic in our population which is becoming older and more diverse.

Older workers (those aged over 55) bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the workplace, which younger business leaders, entrepreneurs and start-up companies could benefit from. For businesses looking to tap into this talent pool, offering flexible work arrangements such as contract work, part-time work or job share arrangements are a great place to start to appeal to these jobseekers.
For more information and insights into the New Zealand labour market , click here to read the entire Workmonitor report and speak to one of our specialist consultant to discuss how we can enable your business by connecting you to the best talent in the New Zealand talent market.
Posted: Tuesday, 8 November 2016 - 3:55 PM