Thursday, 12 May 2016

3 start-up traits that will make your company a better place to work

Tags: Attraction & Retention, Employer Branding, Flexibility & Labour Mobility, IT, Leadership, technologies, Workforce Insights, Workplace Health & Safety

It's no secret that healthy, happy and engaged employees make the most productive workers. Yet start-ups lead the charge in crafting environments conducive to employee morale, while some established companies - with the resources and infrastructure ... read more

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

using wearable tech to create a happier, healthier workforce

Tags: Attraction & Retention, Human Resources, IT, Leadership, Productivity & Performance, sustainability, technologies, Workplace Health & Safety

Healthcare is regarded as one of the areas that will benefit most dramatically from new connected sensor technology -- often referred to as the "Internet of Things." The possibilities are endless: fitness bands measuring physical activity; smart ... read more

Thursday, 10 July 2014

why happiness is good for business

Tags: Recruitment Advice, Talent Resources, Workplace Health & Safety

It’s official: happiness is good for your career, and your career can make you happy. In today’s business world, driven by competitive advantage, success and wealth, happiness can easily be relegated to a wishful ... read more

Thursday, 10 July 2014

7 secrets to health, wealth and wisdom

Tags: Human Resources, Recruitment Advice, Talent Resources, Workplace Health & Safety

In addition to financial security, our most enduring wealth is still to be found in our emotional and spiritual health. Martyn Newman, author of “Emotional Capitalists - The New Leaders” and consulting psychologist to specialist ... read more