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Randstad's insights into employer branding provide organisations with the latest trends, sharp observations and a vision on what having a strong employer brand means.

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Employer Brand Research Award

congratulations to Air New Zealand, Department of Conservation and New Zealand Customs Service, our top three winners for the Randstad Award 2019! 

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Employee Experience: The First Step in The Customer Journey, will help you build a better employee experience to attract, engage and retain the best talent for your organisation.

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about the employer brand research.

Every year, we conduct research on a host of topics and across a number of geographies. The employer brand research dives into what people find attractive in an employer, zooming in on preferred companies, sectors and the desired 10 key attributes including salary, career progression, and training.

about the research

  • who takes part?

    We currently undertake the research in 32 countries across Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Americas. To ensure the research is objective, we select the 150 largest companies in each of those chosen countries. The selection criteria are companies with more than 1,000 employees. The winner is based on the outcome of the most comprehensive independent research into employer branding. Unlike other best employer awards, it is 'the people's choice', based on the views of a representative survey pool of general public respondents (aged 18-65) in each of the participating countries.

  • what makes it different?

    Unlike similar surveys, we do not invite HR officers, staff members or experts to take part in the survey - this guarantees maximum objectivity. The respondents are asked to identify the companies they recognise and to indicate whether or not they would like to work for them. In the next step, they evaluate the relative attractiveness of each of the selected companies based on 10 key factors including salary and benefits, work atmosphere and job content.

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An employer brand represents the image a company projects as a potential employer. If you have a strong employer brand and unique value proposition, your company is considered a distinctive place to work, with attractive brand values and career prospects. In today's fiercely competitive job market, establishing and maintaining a consistent employer brand is a crucial tool for attracting and retaining the right kind of talent in the long-term.

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