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​Randstad's assessment centre methodology aims to secure real business outcomes by assessing and developing talent against critical success factors. We offer a comprehensive and unique assessment centre solution starting with your DNA through our success profiling and job analysis stages which ensure we simulate key scenarios specific to your business strategy and operations. 

As a hiring manager, engaging with an assessment centre offers you an alternative method of recruiting to the traditional interview structure. Randstad’s Assessment Centres allow you to replicate key business senarios in a simulated environment, and assess how potential talent react in each situation. 

The outcome of this testing allows us to provide you with a clear and focused overview of an individual's current ability, future potential and how candidates are likely to fit in with your future business objectives. In doing so, this gives your business the best possible chance of attracting and retaining talented individuals who will be instrumental in your ongoing business success.

We achieve this by applying an assessment centre methodology against eight critical success factors that is then tailored specifically for your business. Our dedicated assessment centre specialists work with your business to define competencies and behaviours specific to your business, with the ultimate goal of designing a tailored environment with everyday tasks specific to your business in which to assess your potential candidates in. 

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