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Randstad's project and volume team is perfect for your high volume and project based recruitment needs. We begin by defining your company's DNA through success profiling and job analysis that ensures we simulate work scenarios that are unique to your business and identify the talent who will be most successful.

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Randstad's approach offers you an alternative method of recruiting by allowing you to replicate key business scenarios in a simulated environment to assess how current or potential talent perform in each situation. This can be used for high-volume recruitment or identifying development needs of current staff.

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Our project and volume recruitment teams methodology utilises eight critical success factors, tailored specifically for your business. We work with you to define competencies and behaviours with the ultimate goal of designing a tailored environment with everyday tasks in which to assess current or potential talent.

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Contact Randstad's project and volume recruitment division to learn more about how this methodology can benefit your business by identifying and retaining the best talent.

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