Everyone hopes when they decide it’s time to find a new job, it will be a quick, simple, stress-free, and rewarding process. That is, until they start the job search. 

Unfortunately, for many people, looking for a job can be a long, arduous, tedious, overwhelming, and stressful process. However, one of the best things you can do to relieve many of the difficulties faced during the job-hunting process is to build a relationship with a recruitment specialist.

A top recruiter specialising in your field of expertise will be instrumental whether you are just starting out and looking for your first job, you want to make a new career move, or you just need to find work urgently. A recruitment specialist can give you the edge you need to land that next role. And what’s more, the invaluable service they provide to you as a job seeker is free!

Just in case you need further convincing, these are the top reasons why you should work with a recruiter to find a job, and what you can expect when working with a consultant.

Man and woman smiling and laughing in an office room
Man and woman smiling and laughing in an office room

Why work with a recruiter?

1. knowledge sharing and career advice.

Recruitment specialists at Randstad have up-to-date market and industry knowledge, which they will share with you to help you understand current market conditions and trends. And they’ll provide you with free job seeking and career advice and guidance, advising where your skills and experience will be best utilised and how to close any knowledge or skills gaps to help you secure your dream job.

2. salary guidance and negotiations.

Top recruiters can advise you on salary expectations and trends based on industry benchmarking and research, and they can advise on what you need to do to receive higher wages.

When you’re being offered a position, salary package negotiations can be challenging. Most people don’t like to discuss money, but Randstad recruitment consultants act as your personal agent, working hard to push for higher wages, a performance bonus or more employee benefits. They will help to ensure you get not just what you deserve, but what you want and need in your new contract.

3. exclusive access to jobs.

Randstad consultants have contracts with top employers across New Zealand, therefore building a strong relationship with a specialist consultant at Randstad will give you exclusive and early access to great jobs at top employers. 

It’s also important to note that recruiters are often engaged as the gatekeepers for many organisations - yet another reason to build a strong relationship with the recruitment consultant at Randstad who specialises in your field.

4. job interview preparation.

Your Randstad recruiter will take the time to provide you with a thorough briefing prior to each job interview. They want to set you up for success, so they will ensure you have all the information and insights you need, to make you feel comfortable and confident heading into the interview. You can expect a job description with detailed explanation about key responsibilities, a company and team structure, ‘inside information’ about the organisation, the culture, the management team, any key issues or challenges, important news, and insights.

5. referee management.

As a job seeker, your references need to be nurtured. By partnering with your Randstad recruitment specialist, they handle the reference checking which then limits the number of employers contacting your referees, saving time, disruption, and frustration.

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What to expect when working with a recruiter?

Knowing how to work with a recruitment consultant and what to expect at each stage of the job-hunting process will help you both get the best out of the mutually beneficial relationship.

register and apply for a job.

First you will submit your CV via the Randstad website or you will apply online for a job.


Once received, you will be contacted by a Randstad recruitment specialist should your CV match a job availability or potential employment opportunity. If your application isn’t successful, you will be advised via email or phone call and be provided with constructive feedback. We may also discuss other suitable roles with you that you might consider applying for. If for some reason you don’t hear back from us, contact Randstad to follow-up with your consultant.

randstad interview.

A Randstad recruiter may invite you in for an interview or contact you to discuss your interests, experience, job requirements and career goals and guide you in the right direction - whether that be another job opportunity, working with another specialist at Randstad who specialises in roles more suitable for your skills and experience or providing valuable career advice.

registration, tests, and checks.

Depending on the job you want, to progress to the next stage many candidates will need to fill out our registration forms, complete skills testing and provide evidence of your qualifications and certifications. This can be done online or at your local Randstad branch.

client interview, job opportunities and feedback.

Once all checks are complete, but your application is unsuccessful, the consultant will provide you with feedback and guidance for the next step to help in your job search. If you are shortlisted for the role, you will be put forward for a job interview with the potential employer. Your recruiter might rather choose to ‘float’ your CV (with your permission) to a range of employers who they believe might be interested in your skills and experience. This could bring opportunities to you, if not immediately, then in the future.

job interview briefing and feedback.

Prior to attending any job interviews, your Randstad recruitment consultant will provide you with a thorough briefing to ensure you know where to go, what to expect, possible questions you will be asked, how to prepare and ensure you have the best chance of success. Following the interview, your recruiter will want to ask you about the experience, then follow-up with the interviewer with the aim of providing you with their feedback and potential next steps.

Two women chatting at a cafe
Two women chatting at a cafe

if unsuccessful.

If you were not selected to move to the next interview stage, you will be given constructive feedback. The best thing to do is to maintain a positive mindset and stay in regular contact with your recruitment consultant to ensure you stay top of mind for future opportunities. The great thing is you won’t need to go through the whole process again as your recruitment specialist will have all your information on file, readily available to put you forward for suitable roles (with your permission of course). And if you have already registered via the Randstad website, you can easily apply for other available jobs with the click of a button.

if successful.

If you are successful in moving to the next stage, you will continue with additional interviews with more senior management and/or future team members, or you will move into the reference checking stage.

reference checking.

You will be asked to provide contact details for three references. These contacts will be questioned by the recruitment consultant with a set of predetermined questions to help them make their final candidate selection.

salary package negotiation.

Should the reference checking be successful, your recruitment consultant will contact you to offer the position and explain the salary package. You can accept it, or request additional elements, which your recruitment consultant will need to negotiate on your behalf.

contract signing.

Your recruitment consultant will send you the employment contract. After carefully reviewing it you can either sign and accept all terms and conditions, or you can discuss amendments.

first day of employment.

Your Randstad recruitment consultant will be in regular contact with you in the lead up to your first day on the job, to ensure you know where to go, when to arrive, and who you will be meeting etc. You can also expect a call after your first day and/or during your first week to ensure everything is going smoothly.

first three months+.

During your first three months in your new job, your recruitment consultant will reach out to check in and ensure you are happy and thriving in your new role. 

The power of a specialist recruitment consultant from Randstad cannot be underestimated. Having an industry professional on your side in the job hunt process will not only help you develop your career, it will help you land that dream job

Reach out to Randstad today and be connected with one of our expert recruitment consultants.

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