This data protection notice applies to the processing of personal data we collect when you visit our website, use our mobile app, when we provide you our consulting services and the processing of personal data of persons who work for companies with which we conduct (or intend to conduct) business.

Your privacy and the security of your personal data is important to Randstad and the rest of the Randstad Group companies.  We are responsible for ensuring that all personal data entrusted to us is processed in accordance with applicable data protection legislation. Randstad complies with all applicable privacy laws, including the Privacy Act 2020  as well as our existing obligations of confidentiality.

This notice explains who we are, for what purposes we may use your personal data, how we handle it, to whom we may disclose it to such as clients, service providers and/or other Randstad Group Companies, where it may be transferred to or accessible from and what your rights are.

about Randstad

Randstad (referred to in this notice as: “we” or “us” or “Randstad”), will process your personal data in accordance with this data protection notice (such personal data sometimes also referred to as “information”). 

Except as otherwise set out below, Randstad New Zealand is the controller of the personal data (‘controller’ within the meaning of applicable data protection legislation). 

For the efficient operation and management of our business, Randstad Group Companies may in certain instances jointly define the purposes and means of Processing Personal Data (joint controllers). Examples of processing activities where Randstad Group companies jointly process personal data are those related to managing our Misconduct Reporting Procedure and Sanctions checks, which we do jointly with Randstad N.V. Please contact us (see the section “Contact us” below) if you want to know more about these jointly-controlled processing activities or would like to receive a summary of the joint controllers’ roles and responsibilities and/or exercise your data protection rights regarding any jointly-controlled processing of your personal data.

website visitor

When you visit our website or a Randstad app, we collect some information related to your device, your browser and to the way you navigate our content. We may use cookies to collect this personal data.  

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your device when you visit our website. Cookies enable the website to remember your actions and preferences (for example, your choice of language) and recognize you when you return, so that we may analyze trends, determine your areas of interest and  administer our website in order to speed up the navigation process and to make your site experience more efficient.


We use your personal data when providing our HR-services, which include services in the field of recruitment and selection, mediation, temporary staff, secondment, payroll, personal development, career guidance, coaching, planning, and personnel and salary administration as further described in the Terms and Conditions (collectively “Services”). 

By innovating at scale, Randstad will fulfill our compelling vision: to empower lifelong employability and deliver on our brand promise of proactivity, transparency and guidance to offer a truly enriching talent experience for finding a job around the world.

temporary workers

Personal and sensitive information will be collected from you directly when you attend an interview with one of our staff members. At this time you will complete our registration paperwork or any other information in connection with your application to us for registration

business relations

In the context of our Services, we process your personal data if you are working for companies with which we are conducting (or intending to conduct) business (e.g. to make offers for the Services and to maintain a business relationship with the company you work for).

HR technologies

Our ultimate goal is to support people and organizations in realizing their true potential. We believe that the best way to achieve that goal is by combining our passion for people with the power of today’s HR technologies. By HR technologies we mean technologies that help us digitize and enhance a variety of recruitment-related processes. 

For example we use chatbots to improve your talent experience. Chatbots give candidates the opportunity to answer questions based on the requirements of the job they apply for.  This is a user-friendly way for candidates to:

  • provide us with relevant information that may not be readily apparent from the application, profile or resume of a candidate.
  • know promptly whether their skills meet a job’s essential requirements and, if not, to easily explore other jobs or to identify gaps in their skillset.
  • answer at any moment convenient to the user.

As part of the larger recruitment process, HR technologies allow us to connect candidates more quickly to our consultants.  This, in turn, allows our consultants to better support candidates in exploring jobs and to deliver the right candidates more quickly to our clients. HR technologies also allow our consultants to find people based not only on the jobs they qualify for but also on the basis of jobs they are interested in. 

Improving the client experience 

HR technologies help us to search through a broader and more diverse set of candidates so that we become even better at finding the best talent with the most relevant skill-set for our clients. Thanks to these technologies our consultants can focus on the tasks that require genuinely human traits that technology cannot emulate: creativity and emotion. 

Web beacons

Our emails may contain a single, campaign-unique "web beacon pixel" to tell us whether our emails are opened and verify any clicks through to links or advertisements within the email. We may use this information for purposes including determining which of our emails are more interesting to users, to query whether users who do not open our emails, wish to continue receiving them and to inform our advertisers in aggregate how many users have clicked on their advertisements. The pixel will be deleted when you delete the email. If you do not wish the pixel to be downloaded to your device, you should select to receive emails from us in plain text rather than HTML.

Responsible use of HR technologies

Randstad is committed to the ethical and responsible use of innovative HR technologies. Randstad does not use these technologies as a substitute for humans or human interaction in any part of its processes. Instead, our use of HR technologies is intended to make interactions with clients and candidates more personal, relevant and meaningful.

We strive to involve human beings whenever we make decisions that significantly impact you.  If, in exceptional cases, we were to make such decisions based on a fully automated process (ie. without involvement of humans), we will only do so where that is permitted by law and after having notified you.

To ensure all candidates are treated fairly we take steps to avoid bias where we use HR technologies. For example:

  • We regularly test the output created by these technologies to identify potential unfair bias.
  • We regularly obtain expert advice to continuously improve the way in which we identify and remove bias.
  • Both our consultants and our search and match algorithms are thoroughly trained and always work together.

mobile app users

When you use the Randstad app, we collect some information related to your device, profile and information gathered by using one of our features (such as availability, shift scheduling, calendar integration, timesheets, payslips, contracting, inbox). what personal data do we collect. 

When you use our app, we gather information such as: 

  • Identification information (e.g. name, e-mail address) 
  • Operating system 
  • Device information (e.g. device screen resolution, device type, devices IP address) 
  • Geographic location (country of origin, office location) 
  • Passwords 
  • myRandstad app shifts 
  • IP address of your Internet Service Provider 
  • Your contract (feature of contracting) 
  • Valid ID card (feature of onboarding) 
  • Tax forms (feature onboarding) 
  • Work time, absences and applicable allowances (feature of time-keeping) 
  • Expense administration (e.g. travel costs) (feature of time-keeping) 
  • Salary, overview of payments received, taxes paid (salary slip) (feature of payment) 
  • Feedback on performance (feedback feature) 
  • Any free text feedback provided via the myRandstad app 

In principle, we will not collect any sensitive personal data of you. If this would in exceptional cases occur, we will take all measures to offer an even higher protection and do this according to the appropriate legal basis. 

Depending on local mandatory laws, some data may be offered a similar protection as sensitive personal data. 

Please be aware that we may process: 

  • Payslip (including all data on it (differs per country)) 
  • Contracts and Taxation documents 

why do we need your personal data 

Randstad processes your personal data only for the purposes specified below: 

Purposes for which we process your personal data Legal grounds for the processing of your personal data 

To manage the app and for system administration purposes (e.g. also for diagnosing technical problems) 

(a) Legitimate interest of managing our app, marketing and communications strategy; and/or 

(b) Where (a) is not possible because local mandatory law requires so, only in those limited cases may this be based on a consent 

For app analytics, in order to optimise the user experience (analyzing the way the app is used, analysing trends, observe and measure how our users engage with our app) and the quality of the content provided to you (e.g. job posting) 

(a) Legitimate interest of improving our app, marketing and communications strategy; and/or 

(b) Where (a) is not possible because local mandatory law requires so, only in those limited cases may this be based on a consent If you choose to download our reports or white papers or to subscribe to news, events and alerts, fill in forms, we will use the information you provide us to send you the content requested, to communicate with you (including, where you agree, to send you related Randstad can send whitepapers, newsletters, events and alerts where you have given consent to receive this. If you are no longer interested in these Randstad messages you are always able to opt-out from receiving such communications. Page 15 of 17 information that might be of interest to you) and to improve our marketing and communication strategy For managing specific inquiries 

(a) Legitimate interest of improving our app, marketing and communications strategy; 

(b) Where (a) is not possible because local mandatory law requires so, only in those limited cases may this be based on a consent Cooperating with law enforcement agencies/courts, management of legal disputes/claims and handling any reports through Randstad's misconduct reporting procedure Processing is necessary for the purpose of the legitimate interests pursued by Randstad, which include the protection of company assets, protecting its legal interests and managing legal claims/disputes and handling reports of potential misconduct within or relating to Randstad For specific purposes related to you as a candidate or temporary worker, we refer to the detailed sections of this privacy collection statement. 

This may include purposes related to the following: 

  • Job search (search and apply for Randstad vacancies) 
  • Document view (view contracts, payslips in the app) 
  • Document sign (sign documents in the app e.g.contracts) 
  • Availability (set and adjust availability)  Scheduling (shifts information) 
  • Timesheets (register worked hours or automatic hours overview) 
  • Time off (make a Time Off request & vacation balance view) 
  • Payslips (view payslips in the app) 
  • Newsfeed (view important updates & articles) 
  • Punch Clock (time-management)

with whom do we share your personal data

  • with other entities of the Randstad group of companies. We are part of a multinational group of companies and sometimes we may share personal data with other Randstad groups of companies for the purposes of efficient management of business, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and to provide our Services to you (include as matching) and to our clients. For an overview of these entities, click here.
  • with Randstad clients. Within the scope of our services, including recruitment and provision of temporary work.
  • with third parties providing HR-related services to use (e.g. payroll service providers).
  • with third party providers of IT-related services (e.g. we use an external provider to support our IT-infrastructure; e.g. an important part of our software and databases sit in a cloud-environment which is operated by a third party service provider).
  • with third parties providers of marketing-related services (e.g. we may store your personal data in a cloud-based CRM-application that is hosted and provided by a third party service provider; e.g. when we use a third party service provider to organise an event we may share your personal data with that third party in order to invite you to that event).
  • with providers of professional services (e.g. to our auditors, our tax advisors, our legal advisors).
  • with banks and insurers (e.g. in order to pay the salaries of our temporary workers we share some of their personal data with our bank).
  • with pension funds. 
  • with public authorities (e.g. pursuant to applicable law Randstad must disclose personal data to the social security authorities and to tax authorities).
  • with law enforcement authorities, courts and regulatory authorities (e.g. as part of a criminal investigation police services may require us to disclose personal data to them).

We may also disclose your personal data to third parties:

  • in the event that we sell or buy any business or assets, in which case we may disclose your personal data to the prospective seller or buyer of such business or assets; or
  • if all or a substantial part of our assets are acquired by a third party, in which case the personal data that we hold about you may be one of the transferred assets.

When we share your personal data as described above, such personal data may be transferred both within and outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

In the event that we transfer your personal data internationally, we will only do so in line with applicable law, and we will require that there is an adequate level of protection for your personal data, and that appropriate security measures are in place.

Your personal data may be transferred from countries located within the EEA to countries located outside of the EEA (such as the United States). In such cases, we will require that the following safeguards are observed:

  • The laws of the country to which your personal data is transferred ensure an adequate level of data protection. Click here for the list of non-EEA countries that, according to the European Commission, provide an adequate level of data protection; or
  • The transfer is subject to standard data protection clauses approved by the European Commission. More information about those data protection clauses is available here; or
  • Any other applicable appropriate safeguards under article 46 of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679).

For more information about the safeguards that we have implemented to protect your personal data internationally, please contact us by using the information located in the “contact us” section below.

how will we protect your data

We have technical and organisational security measures in place to protect your personal data from being accidentally lost, used, altered, destructed, disclosed or accessed in an unauthorised way. We limit access to your personal data to those who have a genuine business need to know it. Those processing your personal data are governed by Randstad's rules for information and IT security, data protection and other internal regulations and guidelines applicable to the processing of personal data.

While we have measures in place to protect your personal data, it is important for you to understand that 100% complete security cannot be guaranteed. Accordingly, we have procedures in place to deal with data security incidents and to comply with legal requirements applicable to the detection, handling and notification of personal data breaches.

your data protection rights

1. Right to be informed: You have the right to be provided with clear, transparent and easily understandable information about how we use your personal data and your rights. This is why we are providing you with the information in this notice. 

2. Right of access: You have the right to access the personal data we keep about you – this is because we want you to be aware of the personal data we have about you and to enable you to verify whether we process your personal data in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations.

3. Right rectification: If your personal data is inaccurate or incomplete, you have the right to request the rectification of your personal data.

4. Right to erasure: This is also known as ‘the right to be forgotten’ and, in simple terms, enables you to request the deletion or removal of your personal data where there is no compelling reason for us to keep it. This is not a general right to erasure, there are exceptions. 

5. Right to restrict processing: you have rights to ‘block’ or suppress further use of your personal data in certain circumstances. When processing is restricted, we can still store your personal data, but may not use it further. We keep lists of people who have asked for further use of their personal data to be ‘blocked’ to make sure the restriction is respected in future.

6. Right to data portability: You have the right to obtain and reuse your personal data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format in certain circumstances. In addition, where certain conditions apply, you have the right to have such personal data transferred directly to a third party.

7. Right to object processing: You have the right to object to certain types of processing, in certain circumstances. In particular, the right to object to the processing of your personal data based on our legitimate interests or on public interest grounds; the right to object to processing for direct marketing purposes (including profiling); the right to object to the use of your personal data for scientific or historical research purposes or statistical purposes in certain circumstances.

8. Right to withdraw consent: If our processing of your personal data is based specifically on your consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. This includes your right to withdraw consent to our use of your personal data in the context of voluntary employee surveys.

9. Right to object to automated decision making: You have the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated Processing, including profiling, which produces legal effects for you or similarly significantly affects you.  Automated decision making takes place when an electronic system uses personal data to make a decision without human intervention.  This is not a general right to object, there are exceptions.  For example, we are allowed to use automated decision making where it is necessary to perform a contract with you and appropriate measures are in place to safeguard your rights.  For further information, see the section “Innovative HR technologies”.

You can exercise your rights by contacting our Privacy Officer to share your concerns.

We will handle your request with special care to ensure your rights can be exercised effectively. We may ask you for proof of identity to ensure that we are not sharing your personal data with anyone else but yourself!

You must be aware that, in particular cases (for instance, due to legal requirements) we may not be able to make your request effective right away.

In any case, within one month from your request, we will inform you on the actions taken.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory data protection authority:

changes to this data protection notice

We may update this notice from time to time. You can see the date on which the last change was made below in this notice. We advise you to review this notice on a regular basis so that you are aware of any changes. 

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