No business can succeed without the right skills and talent making up its workforce. 

When businesses get their hiring process right, it elevates you to new levels of success. Yet on the flip side, when you get it wrong, it’s not only costly, but it can also expose you to all sorts of risks. 

Research has found the financial and operational costs of making a bad hire is estimated to be around 21 per cent of an employee’s salary. And this isn’t taking into account lost time due to disruption, damage to employee morale and employer branding, poor customer satisfaction, loss of business, increased staff turnover, loss in IP due to training investment, reduced productivity and more. Once you factor in all costs - both tangible and intangible - associated with a bad hiring decision, the dollars and impact add up very quickly.

It's vital, therefore, for business leaders to ensure your recruitment process is not just robust, but it also minimises risks, and is tailored to help you source the talent you need to make the right hiring decisions every time, with employees that push your company forward.

The best solution for optimising your hiring practices is to team up with an experienced, reputable recruitment expert, specialising in your field and/or industry sector. Here are the top reasons why it is the best decision for your business, both now and for the future.

industry experts with top talent

An experienced recruitment agency such as Randstad, provides the tools and expert advice you need to recruit the right talent every time. Randstad and its team of specialist consultants serve as your HR partner, helping you develop winning best practices for hiring the best talent in the market. That’s because in addition to our deep sector knowledge, we develop an in-depth understanding of your company and your goals associated with talent acquisition as part of your long-term talent management lifecycle.

What’s more, we already have established networks of vetted top talent and because we have our ear to the ground, we know where and how to source specific talent and expertise you require. Randstad consultants are also considered industry leaders, with top candidates consistently reaching out to us to help them find work, making it easier for you to fill vacancies immediately, helping you to grow a successful business while building a strong employer brand.

legal compliance support

There are many legal obligations involved in recruitment, so it’s critical to be up to date with the most recent legislation to protect yourself from penalties that could seriously impact your business. Non-compliance with labour laws - whether it happens deliberately or due to lack of awareness - can lead to hefty fines and long-term reputational damage for your organisation.

If you're a smaller business, the chances are you don't have the time or resources to keep up with the latest developments in HR and labour legislation. This can be a particular challenge if you operate in different geographical areas that have their own local rules and regulations. Collective agreements with trade unions can also be tricky to navigate.

That is why we start every client relationship by focussing on getting to know your business and gaining a deep understanding of your specific needs, priorities, and pain points. This essential information allows us to build a comprehensive map of your compliance position, potential risks, and the steps you need to take to address them.

Non-compliance with rules and regulations is ultimately a risk no business can afford to take. And that is why it pays to work with a trusted partner who can offer the up to date legal knowledge and expertise required to operate within the rules, building a strong, lasting relationship with employees and a thriving, compliant business.


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Man and woman smiling and laughing in an office room

more time to focus on your core business

Perhaps the biggest benefit of outsourcing your hiring activities to a dedicated recruitment specialist - particularly if you're a smaller business - is that it gives you and your senior management team, more time to focus on the two most important things: running your core business and focusing on your core expertise.

It's not unusual for leaders of small-to-medium enterprises to take on a wide range of roles, switching from HR manager to finance director to any number of other jobs, all within the course of a day, which essentially impacts productivity and performance.

And when you're faced with the many complexities and demands of the recruitment process, without the time and expertise to tackle them properly, it creates issues, leading to bad, and costly hiring decisions.

Being able to offload essential tasks like hiring and payroll management to a trusted partner, without any fear of a drop in standards or key targets being missed, will make the lives of your management and HR team easier, more rewarding, and certainly less stressful. It will also help your business succeed, because you'll have more time to concentrate on doing fewer jobs to a higher standard.

Randstad’s rigorous recruitment process ensures we deliver the best possible results for every client. We aim to be an extension of your business, a trusted ambassador of your brand, dedicated to attracting and securing the best talent in the market for you.

stress-free flexible workforce management

Flexible, remote and hybrid working arrangements are now the norm. Contracting, consulting, part-time, temporary, casual and shift work is more accepted than ever before as effective ways to deliver efficiencies and higher productivity for your business. Not only will you expand the talent pool to make the best hiring decisions in the market, but your flexible workforce will also allow you to scale up or down with maximum speed and efficiency to deliver more profitability. This is invaluable for businesses operating in fluctuating seasonal environments, with ever-changing client demands, dynamic economic factors as well as juggling unexpected starts or stops to major projects.

However, this can be problematic if you have to manage recruitment amongst many other jobs. Having to make time for anticipating future requirements, hiring the right number of people, and ensuring you're not paying for workers you don't need is a complex and time-consuming process. It’s difficult to get right, especially if it’s not your area of expertise.

Partnering with a recruitment company makes flexible staffing a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective process. We will work closely with you to understand the trends and patterns that could affect your business, ensuring you acquire the talent you need when you need it. And what’s more, Randstad will give you rapid access to an extensive network of vetted, experienced workers when you need to hire quality talent at speed.

Recruitment is a challenging and specialised process that requires time, skill, industry knowledge, market intelligence as well as innovative systems, tech, and processes. The best solution to optimising and enhancing your recruitment efforts and finding the talent you need quickly, is to work with a specialist recruitment agency. This will be made even clearer to business leaders should the talent shortage increase in the year ahead.

access to talent management resources

Being a client of Randstad means having our support and expertise whenever you need it. This means accessing our expert recruitment consultants who specialise in your industry sector and are dedicated to helping your business find the right talent to help you grow.

And then there’s the value-added benefits of working with a world-leading recruitment company with full access to all our HR resources including salary guidance, our thought leadership, workforce insights, industry events, and OH&S risk management services. 

Two of our market-leading reports, renowned both locally and globally, and considered invaluable to our clients are the annual Randstad Workmonitor and Randstad Employer Brand Research reports – both essential workforce insights guiding hiring managers and senior management in staying on top of the latest trends and gaining an advantage over the competition. 

Reach out to an expert Randstad consultant today and start realising the benefits of working with the top recruitment agency in the market.

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