what is a sales administrator?

A sales administrator offers after-sales support, arranges for deliveries and processes payments and sales orders. They are employed in almost all industries. For instance, you improve efficiency in order processing in retail stores. Some manufacturing companies and production facilities also need sales administrators to handle order processing and invoices.

As a sales administrator, you work directly for the business owner if you work in a small sales office. In a large organisation, you work within a team. However, most employers prefer to hire someone who works under minimum supervision. The job could be yours if you are hardworking, well organised and have an exceptional telephone manner.

what does a sales administrator do?

The job description of a sales administrator is primarily the same across all industries. Still, your tasks vary depending on the organisation you are working for. Sometimes, you compile monthly reports, maintain sales records and issue invoices after confirming order details. Some big organisations have multiple administrators to manage order processing in various product lines.

sales administrator jobs

average sales administrator salary

A sales administrator pays a median remuneration package of $52,000 per year. The salary usually depends on experience and educational qualifications. For instance, an entry-level sales administrator takes home around $44,000 annually. As you improve your experience and skills in the role, your remuneration increases to over $62,000 per year. As a sales administrator, you also receive commissions for closing sales and processing orders. Some companies calculate commissions by percentage, while others pay commissions in annual bonuses to all employees. Working overtime also attracts a higher hourly rate.

what factors affect the remuneration package of a sales administrator?

The salary of a sales administrator relies on individual factors like education, skills and experience or external factors like company size, employer and location. Acquiring additional qualifications improves your expertise, increases your salary and allows you to negotiate for better pay or promotion. Work experience is vital for sales administrators and determines their remuneration. Employers pay more for added expertise.

The company size also influences your earnings since large organisations have a higher pay structure than medium-sized or small companies. Large companies provide additional benefits like better commissions and bonuses. Working in metro areas and large cities also improves your remuneration prospects due to the high demand for sales administrators.

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Womale putting away files while sitting at her desk in her home office.
Womale putting away files while sitting at her desk in her home office.

types of sales administrators

Some of the common sales administrators include:

  • information technology sales administrators: your job is to promote the sale of information technology products, from computer hardware parts to software. You explain the purchase process to potential customers and help to process their orders.
  • financial sales administrators: your job is to assist sales representatives with marketing financial products and services. You look for potential buyers online and respond to inquiries from the company website.
  • industrial products sales administrators: as a sales administrator, you boost the sales of industrial products by sourcing clients who buy large quantities. You also help with order processing and payment confirmation before products are released from the warehouse.
  • retail sales administrators: as a sales administrator, you work in business-to-business or business-to-customer sales. This is the most common sales administrator position in many industries with internal sales departments.

working as a sales administrator

As a sales administrator, you support the work of field sales agents by processing purchases and dealing with customer requests. You provide quotations and information on stock availability and delivery schedules. Let's explore the specific duties of a sales administrator.


education and skills

You can become a sales administrator without formal educational qualifications if you have extensive experience in sales. However, completing some courses distinguishes you from your competitors.

  • education: university degree and other tertiary qualifications are not mandatory for becoming a sales administrator. When you complete your NCEA qualifications, you may choose to pursue a certificate or diploma in business or sales. Alternatively, complete a three-year bachelor's degree in marketing, business management or commerce.
  • work experience: you can gain experience through internships and entry-level sales jobs, which offer exposure to the sales industry functions and customer service skills. Most companies also provide intensive on-the-job training, which improves your experience.

sales administrator skills and competencies

Some of the skills that a sales administrator needs include:

  • customer service skills: as a sales administrator, you communicate with customers and help them through the purchase process. You should be persuasive to encourage clients to place an order. Your customer service skills also help you provide a good customer experience and build client relationships.
  • negotiation skills: when processing orders through online channels, you negotiate discounts and prices for the products. Negotiation skills help you convince clients to place orders and agree to the terms of service.
  • communication skills: as a sales administrator, you spend most of the day on the phone liaising with sales reps and talking to clients. Good communication skills and phone etiquette help you excel in the role. People skills are also vital since you collaborate with many people. Listening skills help you assist customers effectively by placing the correct orders.
  • organisational skills: since you handle multiple orders from different clients, it is important to be organised to avoid mixing up the orders. Organisation skills also help you meet order deadlines and ensure the customers receive their deliveries on time.
  • problem-solving skills: as a sales administrator, you handle many problems during the purchase process. For instance, you solve issues related to late deliveries or wrong orders and keep customers calm. Problem-solving skills help you develop creative solutions to ensure customers are satisfied.

FAQs about working as a sales administrator

Here are the most asked questions about working as a sales administrator:

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