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Never before in modern times has the global economy faced such a dire threat. Among all the disruptive forces unfolding, overseeing the safety of your workforce is certainly your top priority. Once you have enacted your response plan, however, what’s next in your preparations to get business-ready when operations and customer demands return to normal? How can you put in place now the resources that will be needed when the restrictions are lifted?

For clients of Randstad New Zealand, the first assurance you can expect is a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan guided by a global executive team focused on maintaining the integrity of all business functions during this crisis. Like many of you, we have put in place measures to protect our workforce, whether they are onsite, at a client’s facility or offshore. We have established protocols following recommendations from health authorities, national, regional and local task forces, and other advisory groups to ensure we can support client operations in the safest and most effective manner possible. We will maintain regular communication with all of our stakeholders, including a minimum of weekly updates on our operations, as well as other best practices and any additional insights that can help companies return to business as usual when the time is right. We’re here to help with efforts to drive awareness around hygiene, enabling work from home and other ways to support your operational needs. 

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Client visits are now virtual as a default. If you and a member of our staff need to meet face to face for any compelling reason, we have instructed our staff to only do so with mutual consent and adhering to the health and safety instructions including social distancing. You can connect to us via phone and via many digital solutions such as Google hangouts, Skype, GotoMeeting and Zoom.

Job interviews now are virtual. For any interactions where we must meet face to face. For onboarding, training, tests or picking up safety equipment, we ask that you get in touch with your consultant first to understand procedures moving forward. In the case of face to face interactions, we ask that people stay 1.5 metres apart. Consultants will wipe down any surfaces that have been touched after the meeting is finished.

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