Wellington: you can’t beat it on a good day! If you are new to New Zealand then you may not know much about Wellington, the coolest little capital in NZ and one of the best cities in the world to live and work. 

Wellington has a population of fewer than 500,000, but what it lacks for in people in makes up for in culture and lifestyle. Wellington was officially voted the best city to live in by a quality of life survey conducted by Deutsche Bank in 2017 – and it’s easy to see why. 

Here are some of the tips, tricks and life hacks you need to know about working and living in Wellington:

working in wellington: the knowledge capital.

When it comes to working, Wellington also ranks highly.

As the location for all of New Zealand’s government agencies and departments, Wellington has become known as the centre of all things policy, governance and banking. 

It is also known for its investment in knowledge industries, with 43% of Wellington’s workforce working in knowledge industries.

Wellington has the highest concentration of innovative and creative businesses in New Zealand, with Xero, Weta Workshop and Pik Pok just some great examples. In fact, Wellington has the most highly-educated workforce in New Zealand.

Wellington is also a magnet for tech professionals who get to work in some of the best tech shops in New Zealand and for New Zealand’s biggest agencies.

living in wellington: magical landscapes.

Wellington is not only one of the most desirable cities to work in in the region; it’s also one of the most affordable. With world-class services, including healthcare and education providers, the city is ideal for students and families alike. 

The city is inter-connected to its surroundings, which happen to be some of the most beautiful landscapes in New Zealand.

What’s more, with 2,100 hours of sunshine a year there’s plenty of time to explore the hills and green belt that surrounds the city and the waterfront offers unprecedented access to the harbour with bars and restaurants to enjoy.

Another great benefit about living in a small city is the proximity to work. Wellington has one of the shortest commutes in all of New Zealand, with most of Wellington’s population walking to work every day.

finding a job in wellington.

Wellington is known its large public sector departments – as the capital of New Zealand, and so there are a large number of jobs in government.

The city is also one of the biggest financial hubs in New Zealand with opportunities for accounting, banking and finance. There are a number of opportunities available in Wellington if you have the right skills.  

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