You understand how important it is to ensure an investment pays off. In an employer’s eyes, you’re an investment – here’s how to show them you’re worth every penny.

Working in finance and banking means dealing with people’s money daily. That’s a big deal, so understandably, employers want to ensure all employees have several critical skills and qualities – a high customer service focus and work ethic are top of the list.

You also need to demonstrate emotional intelligence, good communication and problem-solving skills, and the ability to work autonomously and collaborate within a team.

Show you’re driven, trustworthy and have a strong performance and results in orientation, and you’ll be on the right path.

Ultimately, all employers want to know their investment will pay off. To determine this, they’ll ask a variety of questions come interview time – here are five of the most common to help you on your way

 1. why is this role for you?

The interviewer will want to know that this is your ideal role.

Be sure to refer to the responsibilities in the job specification to confirm you understand the position and that these are aspects you not only enjoy but can carry out proficiently.

2. how would you describe yourself?

Above all else, with this question, you need to be honest, but keep the job you’re applying for in front of your mind too.

You need to demonstrate how your character traits and values align with the key attributes and personal skills they’ve outlined in the job description.

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3. what had been your most significant achievement?

Your response should again be relevant to the role you’re being interviewed for. Try to have a real-life example of one of your achievements at hand – outline the steps you took to get there and how you ultimately achieved a great result.

All the while linking it back to the required and desirable skills you’ve studied in the job description.  

4. what do you think you can bring to the role?

This question calls for a thorough understanding of the position on offer so you can respond to critical areas and demonstrate that you have the knowledge and experience to support them.

Please do your homework on the company’s history, values and goals. Having that background understanding and linking it to your own experience and aspirations will stand you in good stead.

5. what motivates you?

This question seeks to ensure a motivational fit for the role – the employer wants to know you want it.

Once again, they’re giving you the chance to prove you’ve done your research – reference the critical responsibilities outlined in the job description and ensure you provide a sense that these areas drive you to succeed in your career.

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I am a motivated business professional committed to my craft, with 20 years of experience working in the Financial Services industry across specialist executive recruitment & HR consulting, client account management & operational management role.