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"data is a human experience."- Stephen Clarke.

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"digital inclusion is going to be a fundamental human right."- Craig Jones.

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"the AI economy is already here."- Sam Daish.

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"what is the action you are driving to deliver the value?"- Ali Khan.

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"your job is not to complicate, your job is to simplify."- Paulo Gottgtroy.

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"rubbish in, rubbish out."- Zahraa Almulla.

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"we consider data and analytics as our weapon."- Cyrus Facciano.

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“being a storyteller is very important for a data scientist.”- Habib Baluwala.

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David Hickenbottom

associate consultant.

An Associate Consultant, David is responsible for helping companies identify financial talent within the Accounting Support space. He is extremely passionate about his involvement in both permanent and contract recruitment and has a history of creating radio back in the UK. After graduating from Radio Production, he went on to host and produce radio shows as well as documentaries before the RTP.

a man smiling while wearing a suit and tie

Richard van Ark

manager - auckland.

Richard has eight years of recruitment experience and has specialised in Data & Analytics for the last three. He is very passionate about the potential for businesses that the right mix of data, analytics and AI can deliver. Richard believes it can help support and even assist in making decisions more efficiently, create value and increase the credibility of decision making.