what is a digital marketing manager?

As a digital marketing manager, you develop and implement marketing campaigns on social media and digital platforms. You promote a company's products and services and enhance brand awareness in the digital space. You also significantly drive traffic to your employer's website and acquire leads through digital platforms.

Digital marketing managers identify and evaluate new digital technologies and find ways to explore more opportunities to market products. You use web analytics tools to optimise marketing campaigns through social media, email and search advertising. For instance, in performance marketing, you find ways to improve the visibility of your employer's products through online content. You use web analytics to discover information about your target consumers. Your role also involves collaborating with social media managers and other marketing managers to ensure the company messaging is aligned across all marketing channels.

The size of the business determines how hands-on your role will be. For instance, in a small start-up, your job is to create the marketing strategy, plan the execution and implement each digital marketing campaign. In large companies, you work with a large digital marketing team and focus on strategising, executing and delegating tasks to other team members. As a digital marketing manager, you can work in various companies, including technology businesses, financial services, telecommunications, mining and marketing consultancy firms.

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average digital marketing manager salary

As a digital marketing manager, you receive an average salary of $110,000 per year. When you have entry-level experience in the role, you are likely to earn a salary of $100,000 annually. A senior-level digital marketing manager receives a remuneration package of $120,000 yearly. Since digital marketing is a growing industry in New Zealand, your earning potential is likely to increase.

how to increase your salary as a digital marketing manager

The remuneration package of digital marketing managers fluctuates based on the job. Senior-level digital marketing managers who perform complex tasks in a company earn a higher salary than digital marketers with less complex roles. Working in a large company improves your salary prospects due to the unlimited resources available. Smaller start-ups usually have limited resources and cannot afford higher salaries.

The location also influences your remuneration. When you work in metro areas or areas like Sydney or Melbourne, you are likely to earn more due to the high demand for digital marketing managers. The area’s cost of living is high, pushing your salary upwards.

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types of digital marketing managers

Some of the types of digital marketing managers include:

  • social media marketers: as a digital marketing manager, you can focus on gaining traffic and improving brand awareness on social media platforms. Your job involves posting content relevant to the audience to improve conversions and guide them through the sales funnel.
    content marketers: some digital marketing managers specialise in
  • content marketing, which involves creating content and storylines to provide information to the target audience. Your job involves building relationships with potential customers by offering relevant and valuable content.
  • search engine optimisation marketers: as a digital marketer, you can also specialise in improving search engine optimisation to build traffic for your employer. The tactics should generate quality leads and improve conversion rates. You also
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working as a digital marketing manager

Working as a digital marketing manager requires ongoing learning to improve your skills. Let's explore the daily duties and work activities of digital marketing managers.


education and skills

While you can find a job as a digital marketing manager without formal educational qualifications, some employers prioritise the following qualifications:

  • undergraduate degree: pursue an undergraduate degree in business, psychology, communication, commerce and marketing. If you don’t qualify for a bachelor’s degree, pursue a diploma course in business digital marketing. Alternatively, if you complete an undergraduate degree, pursue a postgraduate qualification like digital communication, data analytics and digital marketing to improve your skills.
  • work experience: to work as a digital marketing manager, you require extensive experience to work in the role. You can gain experience through internships and entry-level roles.

digital marketing manager skills and competencies

Some of the qualities of a digital marketing manager include the following:

  • research skills: as a digital marketing manager, research skills are critical to your role. You conduct qualitative and quantitative research to identify opportunities and create marketing campaigns. Your research skills come in handy when collecting data for your campaigns.
  • data analysis skills: you require strong data analytical skills to determine the effectiveness of social media campaigns. You use business intelligence software to find ways to increase the performance of digital marketing campaigns.
  • critical thinking skills: your job involves reviewing the success and failures of digital marketing campaigns. Critical thinking skills help you solve problems related to digital marketing campaigns.
    flexibility: you should be adaptable to the changing consumer trends, technology and practices. When you are flexible, you easily adjust your marketing campaign to meet the changing marketing environment.
  • persuasion skills: as a digital marketing manager, you influence consumer beliefs, choices and attitudes. You require persuasion skills to persuade customers to buy products and services. Your sales skills improve the visibility of your products online.
  • stakeholder management: as a digital marketing manager, you need to satisfy all parties involved within the business. This includes analysing their needs and expectations; also planning and implementing various tasks to engage with them.

FAQs about working as a digital marketing manager

Here, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the profession of a digital marketing manager.

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