what is a marketing coordinator?

As a marketing coordinator, you coordinate the marketing team to support sales initiatives and achieve targets. You support your team by organising logistics, researching vendors and processing invoices for marketing campaigns. Your role involves writing and researching; for example, you create mailing lists and develop content to support product launches and social media campaigns. You also write original content for websites and print advertisements.

what does a marketing coordinator do?

The main role of a marketing coordinator is to ensure a consistent brand identity on all channels and marketing platforms. Hence, you develop content for social media pages and marketing materials that resonates with the brand image and reputation. You oversee active marketing campaigns and support marketing efforts with your digital marketing skills.

As a marketing coordinator, you ensure the marketing message resonates with consumers and that the campaign message addresses their needs. Exceptional copy editing skills and a penchant for words that appeal to customers will help you excel in this aspect of your role. Creativity is crucial to distinguish your company's social media campaigns from the crowd. If you are creative, you also think outside the box and develop ideas that capture and hold the audience's attention. Since you will coordinate multiple department activities, basic project management skills are also essential.

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average salary of a marketing coordinator

The median remuneration package for a marketing coordinator is $60,000 per year. When you join the marketing coordinator role in an entry-level position, you receive a remuneration package of $44,000 annually. As an experienced marketing coordinator, your earnings increase to $80,000 yearly. In addition to salaries, marketing coordinators also receive bonuses for successful promotional projects or campaigns.

ways to boost the salary of a marketing coordinator

The remuneration package of a marketing coordinator depends on various factors, from educational qualifications to work experience. Formal education improves your salary prospects by increasing your marketing knowledge. Work experience improves your remuneration since you will have the additional expertise to handle complex tasks. Your industry also affects your pay. When you work for financial services companies, you are likely to earn more since they have large marketing budgets.

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types of marketing coordinators

Some types of marketing coordinators include:

  • content marketing coordinators: you craft original content for the company as a content marketing coordinator. The role involves writing blog posts and other content for the company's website and social media pages. You also develop email lists and write content for email marketing campaigns.
  • social media marketing coordinators: your job is to create a social media presence for the company using various campaigns and marketing strategies. For instance, you can organise contests and create content to attract attention to your company's social media pages.
  • influencer marketing coordinators: you maintain a good relationship with the influencers marketing your company's products. You also give them regular talking points and update them on new product launches and marketing campaigns.
  • digital marketing coordinators: your job is to drive online traffic to the company website and improve brand recognition through marketing campaigns. You also use search engine optimisation (SEO) to improve the website's visibility to online users.

working as a marketing coordinator

As a marketing coordinator, you plan marketing strategies and develop promotional content for a company. Let's explore marketing coordinators' daily activities, work schedules and working environments.

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marketing coordinator education and skills

Formal academic qualifications are not compulsory for marketing coordinators, but employers prefer candidates with the following qualifications:

  • educational qualifications: to become a marketing coordinator, consider completing a qualification in marketing. Some marketing coordinators gain a diploma or advanced diploma in marketing and communication. A bachelor's degree in marketing or business will help you progress in the role.
  • work experience: to gain work experience, work as a marketing intern while studying. Entry-level professions in sales or marketing enable you to gain work experience.

skills and competencies

Some of the competencies that a marketing coordinator requires include:

  • computer literacy: as a marketing coordinator, you should be an expert in using computers. You rely on information technology to develop presentations, analyse spreadsheet data and create promotional content. Good computer skills enable you to use different types of software.
  • language skills: you rely on language to convey promotional messages. Mastery of language is valuable for developing persuasive marketing messages and creating creative social media posts. You also use language skills to communicate clearly with colleagues and clients.
  • problem-solving skills: you require problem-solving skills to deal with challenges when organising a marketing campaign. You also rely on problem-solving skills to deal with tight budgets and cost optimisation issues.
  • ability to work under pressure: as a marketing coordinator, you work in a fast-paced environment. You also have multiple deadlines and various tasks to handle. The ability to work under pressure is important in your role.

FAQs about working as a marketing coordinator

Here are the most asked questions about working as a marketing coordinator:

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