On ANZAC Day, we take the time to show our support and respect for our veterans by helping those transitioning from life in the forces to a civilian career.

Transitioning veterans into the civilian workforce have been the mission of WithYouWithMe since day one and I'm proud of our relationship with their team.

Randstad partners with WithYouWithMe to help our clients understand the unique, transferable skills that veterans have and the value that they can bring to their organisations. It’s not just our clients either that get the benefit, Randstad also employs veterans across our organisation.

Last year I wrote a blog “how to employ veterans” with tips to help support veterans in the workplace for our clients. This year, we have collected career advice from veterans working at Randstad as recruitment consultants and managers.

Here are their tips for their fellow veterans.

Jamin Porter - Branch Manager - 5 years Army - 2 years Randstad

“Leaving the defence force was daunting at first, because it’s not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Here are my two key tips for veterans looking to transition out of the NZDF. Firstly, think about what you are passionate about, so do some research and find a company that is as passionate about the thing you love.

Remember you don’t necessarily have to be doing the role really want at first, you can find great satisfaction supporting people who are doing that role to help achieve their outcomes.

Doing it this way allows you to learn more about the role you want so you can transition to it in the future”

Kate Gamble - Consultant - 10 years Navy - 1 year Randstad

“Learn how to articulate your transferable skills, you have a lot of skills that you may not realise that most employers would be really happy to have in their organisations”

Samuel Fessahaye - Team Leader - 10 years Army - 2 years Randstad

“The transition process was quite difficult as I had no idea what I wanted to do or what I was passionate about. My advice for anyone looking to transition is done your research, find your passion, be fierce and chase that dream job.”  

To find out more about WithYouWithMe click here or to speak to me about your career transition email kerry.mcquillan@randstad.com.au