It can be daunting starting a new job, and the first week on the job is usually the first time you meet your future colleagues and see your future workplace

You’ll be feeling a mixture of nerves and excitement to get stuck into your new role, but it’s important to be confident, open and ready to learn.

First impressions are lasting.

Here are some tips to make sure your first week is a success: 

1. introduce yourself – to everyone.

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to everyone in the office, whether it’s in the kitchen or by the water fountain. The more people you get to know them better.

Most managers will take you around the office to meet all of your fellow colleagues, but a second introduction is always valuable for making a good impression in that first week. 

2. ask plenty of questions.

Don’t be afraid to get stuck in and ask everyone about what they do in the business, and more importantly, what you need to be doing. If anything is unclear then this is the time to ask.

Your colleagues and managers will like the fact that you are keen to learn and it's a great way to learn more about the business. 

3. don’t be too confident.

While it’s important to be confident, no one likes someone who thinks they “know it all” before they have actually started. You don’t know the job yet, so it’s impossible for you to know how easy or hard it is.

Allow your colleagues and manager to establish what they need from you before you commit with enthusiasm that you can do “everything”. 

4. set expectations.

Of course, your manager or team leader will probably set expectations for you, but it’s also important for you to set expectations for yourself, too.

Aim to have achieved a certain amount of learning before your first week is finished, and plan to keep up the pace throughout your first few months with the business.

Making a good impression in those first few months is critical to your success throughout the rest of your career with the company. 

5. invite someone to lunch or for a coffee.

It’s always a good idea to connect with your colleagues outside of work, if you click with someone in the office why not ask if they would like to go for a coffee or even for lunch and take the opportunity to get to know them further.

Just make sure you keep the meetings professional!


6. get organised.

A new job is a great chance to get really organised. You get a new notepad, new inbox and new desk – so start as you mean to go on.

Get into good habits and establish a routine that will ensure you never miss a trick. 

And finally, make sure you enjoy meeting new people and always have a smile on your face, and you'll soon find your feet.

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