Today, we recognise New Zealand’s most attractive employers and industries in the annual Employer Brand Research, and I am thrilled to announce Air New Zealand as the most attractive employer in the 2018 Randstad Employer Brand Research.

It’s a fantastic result. Air New Zealand was recognised for its financial stability, focus on technology and strong reputation.  Air New Zealand is an iconic brand and continues to set the standard for what a great airline should be.  It’s no surprise that New Zealanders have reacted so positively and awarded Air New Zealand the top spot an incredible five times. 

The Public Sector also performed strongly in 2018 with The Department of Conservation being ranked second most attractive employer in New Zealand for the second year in a row, valued for giving back to society, providing interesting job content and reputation. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment took out the third spot and was valued for being financially healthy, job security and career progression. 

building an employer brand

But our research is about more than just who is most attractive. Randstad’s research also identified what job seekers and employees look for in an employer. 

Your organisation’s employer brand is the most powerful tool you have in attracting and retaining the people that can make your organisation a success. It’s not something you can dictate to the market, it is a conclusion the market draws based on the information you provide, the experience of your employees, and what the broader market says about you when interacting with your organisation and staff. 

what can we learn from the research

While financial stability and reputation are increasingly important to Kiwis, work-life balance is the single most important reason for employees to choose their employer (46 per cent).

It is most highly valued by workers aged 25-44 (57 per cent) compared to their younger and older peers.  Here, women (57 per cent) place more value than men on good work-life balance (52 per cent) which corresponds with NZ Ministry for Women research which states that one in three employed women work part-time.

It seems that in 2018, achieving greater work life balance was one of the most important factors for employees when choosing a career.  This ‘work to live’ employee mindset reinforces the importance of companies having solid policies in place for flexible working, if they want to remain competitive and retain great people. 

cultural values 

As companies work to present a more human face to their brands, it’s no surprise that an alignment of personal values with a company’s culture is also a key factor in employee satisfaction working there, with research indicating 80 per cent of Kiwi employees have left a company specifically because of its culture.

Randstad’s latest research indicates that Kiwi workers believe employers are more focused on financial deliverables and technology compared to their preferences of salary and benefits and work-life balance. This reflects an opportunity for employers to align their branding with jobseeker values.

revisiting your employer value proposition

With 30 per cent of New Zealanders planning to change roles within the next year, a marked increase from last year, businesses must revitalise their employer value propositions. It’s crucial that companies present a true image of who they are and commit to it. That is the secret to the success of New Zealand’s most attractive employers.

With Randstad’s long and successful track record in delivering employer branding insights since 2000, I encourage you to utilise this research to help you understand what matters most to Kiwis, identify your organisation’s strengths and gaps, as well as provide you with strategies to turn your brand into a powerful attraction and retention tool.

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