If your business wants to achieve the highest possible standards in talent acquisition, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends in the candidate sourcing and attraction space. 

One of the most significant developments of recent years is the introduction of Google for Jobs, a platform with the potential to transform how companies engage with candidates and how job seekers find new opportunities.

what is google for jobs? 

Introduced in June 2017, Google for Jobs is a dedicated function of the Google search engine that helps users conduct thorough, targeted web searches for job vacancies. 

Candidates who put job-related search terms into Google will see a window listing openings relevant to their enquiry, in addition to the regular search engine results.

If they click through to the dedicated Google for Jobs dashboard, they will see more information about particular roles and directly apply, as well as additional tools that let them turn on email alerts, and save specific listings.

The dashboard also lets users conduct more detailed searches and filter their results by title, location, date of posting, company type and other criteria.

Google for Jobs is an extension of the company’s search function, not a jobs board or recruitment channel in itself. Google has partnered with platforms such as LinkedIn and Monster to give users access to the widest possible range of listings and opportunities.

When the new search option was launched, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said: “The challenge of connecting job seekers to better information on job availability is like many search challenges we've solved in the past.”

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why it’s important?

On the most basic level, it’s vital to be aware of Google for Jobs and its potential for your company simply because of the sheer volume of job search activity that takes place on Google. Nearly a third (30 per cent) of all Google searches are reportedly job-related, which equates to about 300 million inquiries every month.

Google for Jobs offers a more streamlined experience for job seekers and more direct engagement between employers and candidates.

One of the ways it does this is by removing friction and inefficiency from the job search.

When performing a regular search on Google, it’s possible the user will see multiple listings of one job from a number of different websites, possibly even with different titles. The candidate might then have to go through several steps to find the original listing and start their application.

One of the key features of Google for Jobs is its ability to remove duplicate listings and provide users with the most relevant results. It does this not only with the search parameters the candidate has provided but by harnessing Google’s powerful web search algorithms, AI capabilities and user data.

These advantages mean your company could have a lot to gain from Google for Jobs.

the biggest benefits include:

  • Prominent placement for your current opportunities in Google search results, as well as extra information such as reviews and ratings from sites like Glassdoor.
  • Engagement with motivated, engaged candidates who are the right fit for the role, thanks to
  • Google’s advanced filters and search tools.
  • A stronger employer brand, owing to your association with the enhanced candidate experience provided by Google for Jobs.
  • More exposure for your current vacancies and improved chances of conversion.

Current openings that you post on sites such as Monster and LinkedIn will automatically feature on Google for Jobs. However, you can also go a step further and have vacancies from your careers page added directly to the platform, as long as you have done the necessary development work to make your listings visible.

targeting the best experience 

Using Google for Jobs as a medium to engage with job seekers could be just one element of a much bigger priority for your business: delivering the best possible candidate experience.

With many organizations facing growing competition for the best talent, the level of experience you are able to offer applicants could prove crucial to the success of your recruitment efforts.

According to Randstad Sourceright’s 2019 Talent Trends report, which was based on a survey of 1,700 professionals, more than six out of ten people (62 per cent) see the ease of the application process as an important part of going for a new job.

This was backed up by a recent study by Software Advice, in which nearly all participants said they would be more likely to accept a job offer or re-apply to an employer that gave them a positive experience.

Nearly nine out of ten (88 per cent) would be more likely to encourage others to apply for a job with the same company.

Given the prominence and power of Google’s search engine, it’s no surprise that the Google for Jobs feature has become an important part of the talent acquisition landscape.

By positioning your company to take full advantage of the function, you can improve your overall candidate experience and gain access to talent that could drive your business forward.

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