what is an administrator?

Regardless of the industry or employer, you'll find an administrator acting essentially as an organisational backbone. The effective administrator ensures various departments, processes and employees are all working in unison, sharing a flow of information so that all parties are on the same page when it comes to company projects and goals.


average salary of an administrator

As with any position that branches across almost every industry you can think of, the administrator salary fluctuates wildly. Criteria that can play a part in determining salary can be education, additional skills, region, experience, industry, scope of responsibilities and more. The average salary range for an administrator depending on the level can range from $55,000 to over $90,000.

two smiling females at work using their laptops
two smiling females at work using their laptops

types of administrator

Even if the position doesn't have 'administrator' in its official title, every organisation has some kind of administrator in place. This is the individual assigned to enhancing the organisation's ability to manage itself efficiently and professionally. They are instrumental in the development of office and asset management strategies as well as administrative procedures.

They may be expected to step in when policies aren't enforced, disputes arise or projects are stalled. Administrators also may plan and control the administrative budget.


working as an administrator

realising goals

These, of course, are generalised responsibilities of an administrator. Responsibilities will change based on the employee, the size of the company and other factors. But all administrators are assigned to efficiency, to be that connection between employee and senior management and to provide the workforce with the motivation to realise personal and organisational goals. While there are many titles, here are a few of the more notable administrator roles:

The titles may vary, but all these positions — and many, many others — require a significant level of administrative understanding.

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I've been a benefits and pension administrator for six years. I perform a lot of technical and administrative duties for the full scope of employees packages. It's a fine job. I make low six figures, and thankfully, I leave every day knowing I made someone's life better.

Jonas Haynes grades his job
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Randstad employer brand photo, internal, people, consultants, branch, branches

work environment

Administrators tend to operate from a desk in an office environment. Almost all travel, if there's any at all, will be for meetings, conferences, expos and other indoor events. It is rare for an administrator to show up at a job site to review a project's progression.


education & qualifications

Education-wise, some roles, such as administrative assistant, may ask for a secondary education diploma. Some employers may want an associate degree or qualifying certification to consider a candidate. Really strong candidates might be able to step over these criteria if they have solid experience. This will always be up to you to impress an employer with your potential.


Individuals with a bachelor's degree or higher are in a good position. Any higher degree will be hard to beat. These candidates are eligible for the top positions, perks and salaries.


A huge advantage for any candidate will be having experience in a field related to the desired position. Your experience in office administration with an insurance company could open a door in health care, hospitality or telecommunications. Take the time to show through your resume, cover letter and interview that you're the candidate for that position.

education & qualifications
education & qualifications

skills & competencies

Skills & competencies for an administrator range from coaching to advocacy and outreach.

Here's a closer look at what's expected of administrators.



advantages of working for randstad as an administrator

As an administrator, you can help create a work culture that's about igniting passion in people. At Randstad, it's all about partnering the best administrators with the most advanced and intelligent technology.

If you're serious about administration and growing in the position, Randstad can help.


FAQs about working as an administrator

Discover the frequently asked questions about building a career as an administrator.


job outlook

There were 20,100 Other Clerical & Administrative Workers in 2020. The number of workers fell over the past 5 years, is expected to stay about the same over the next five years and is likely to reach 20,300 by 2025.

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