When scouting for new talent, don’t just hope that the perfect candidate will stumble across your job ad at the right time. To build a strong talent pool, you have to be proactive and use every resource available to you, including social media. Never has that been more apparent than now.

According to the Randstad research, one in three Australian job seekers use social media to find work – with more people turning to Facebook (61%) than LinkedIn (45%). Of those who use social media to apply directly for jobs, 32% use Google+, 15% use Twitter and 11% use Instagram.

To reach these prospective employees, you need a strong social media and professional network management plan.

The effectiveness of this plan relies on an understanding of your target audience, and in turn, your ability to create timely, relevant and engaging content that will appeal. 

As well as investigating the needs, motivations and demographics of your current and desired workforce, delve deeper into how specific talent pools find and engage with potential employers.

Complemented by a strong employer brand, this will allow you to take a more targeted approach to your talent search. 

here are some tips for attracting potential employees online: 

  • Share interesting details about your workplace, culture, commitment to diversity, or any community involvement. Do this through employee testimonials, photos, and videos. 
  • Use your current employees as ambassadors. Set your employees up for success by providing guidelines on how to optimise their personal profiles, leverage their networks for referrals, and share relevant information about your organisation or job opportunities. 
  • Drive traffic to your career website. Ensure posts and updates link back to the career website so job seekers can easily learn more about your organisation or apply for job opportunities.
  • Personalise responses and respond to questions/posts in a timely manner.
  • Be consistent. It’s important to share a variety of information, but also to follow a predetermined schedule. Ideally, you should strive for social media sharing on a daily basis or, at a minimum, several times a week. 
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